Charity of the Month: Save the Children

The charity of the month is Save the Children. I have heard a lot about this amazing charity over the years and I am glad to see the charity is still very much active. Save the Children is a charity that focuses on child’s health and education. The goal of the charity is to support children in the UK and around the world in their growth, education and their future. In 2020, Save the Children helped 2.9 million children access online learning during the lockdown, 10,000 UK families with food vouchers and essentials, and 760,000+ homes stay safe with access to clean water and soap.

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Charity of the Month: Save the Children

Usually, the poorest children do not perform as well at school as their wealthier classmates. A malnourished child would not be able to achieve high grades, this is why providing children with good food is so one of the main objectives of Save the Children charity. Also, low literacy is linked to low pay and unemployment. The figures show that the poverty in childhood is linked to unemployment and low pay in adulthood. This is why charities like Save the Children are so amazing because they are tackling the root of many issues people face in adulthood.

I am also very pleased to see the work this charity is doing in Nigeria. They are supporting Nigerian mothers and helping them improve their nutrition and overall health, which in turn will improve their child’s health.

How to get involved

If you like what Save the Children is about and you want to get involved, you can volunteer with the charity, you can also donate here, and organise fundraising events to help children survive and thrive all over the world.

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