Confidence is Key When Dressing for the Casino

Confidence. It’s the one accessory you should never leave the house without. Even when your outfit makes you look like a goddess, what’s important is how you feel wearing it. Never is this more true than when you’re getting ready for a night out at a casino. Far more so than your typical nightclub, casinos are all about confidence—in yourself, in your looks, and in your skills.

front strap heels

Thankfully, if you’re planning on heading to a casino, there’s a few key looks you can count on going over well, most of which combine the sexier fit of nightclub attire and the classy glitz and glam of your typical New Year’s Eve fashion. As a result, you can never go wrong with a well-fitted cocktail dress.

fitted dress

Per the usual rule, feel free to include some sparkle, but go easy on it. You don’t want to attract attention because your dress is blinding everyone who looks your way. This outfit from Polyvore can give you a good idea of the right bling-to-non-bling ratio.
If you’re feeling a little more bold, you can go for a darker coloured jumpsuit. Stick to shades of black, purple, and blue, and pair following these recommended accessories tips to really make the outfit pop. Remember, along with the “all-inclusive” atmosphere that casinos tend to create, they make sure that it’s a comfortable climate inside their walls 24/7—meaning despite what the weather may be like outside, spaghetti and strapless dresses are perfectly fine year-round.
Of course, the outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of shoes. If you’re one of those girls that feels as though they can take on the world when wearing a sharp pair of heels, this is the time to break out your favourites. If you can’t decide which pair to choose, go for a black lace-up option.  Who What Wear says, “Lace-up heels are like the leather mini skirts of foot wear; no matter what you wear them with, they give your look instant sultry appeal and everyone should own a pair.”

lace-up heels

Usually when you look good, you feel good. However if there are certain aspects of your outfit that are uncomfortable or that you’re feeling self-conscious about before you even walk out the door—shoes too tight or unstable, a cinched waist that won’t stop ridding up, or even itchy fabric—change them. You’re not doing yourself any favors if you look great but your mind is constantly focused on being uncomfortable.
Aside from your outfit, though, your confidence can be built on more than your personality and looks. It’s also built on how you play. Even if you’re wearing the most alluring outfit possible, it will be hard to look past repetitive clueless plays at the table. That’s especially in playing a more complicated and skill-centric game like poker. I recommend brushing up on the rules and your skills beforehand, which you can do at Betfair’s guide on getting started.
Playing a few hands online before hitting the tables is kind of like trying on a new outfit in front of your mirror at home. Like any woman, you probably twist and bend in different ways to find out just how far you can lean throughout the night without flashing the person in front of or behind you. You probably check the outfit for wrinkles, instinctively smoothing out areas around your stomach and butt to make sure they don’t give you the illusion of having skin like a Shar Pei right?

Well, playing a few hands online (before stepping into a casino) is a similar way to make sure every detail, right down to the confidence in your card game, is polished and good to go before you step out for the night. When you look good, and you feel good, that additional bit of confidence at the table is something that’s sure to nab any guy’s attention. If you can rock a pair of heels and a cocktail dress while at the same time knowing when it’s best to fold your hand, you’re going to attract every pair of eyes in the room.

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