Dating Someone New? These Are the Red Flags Not to Ignore

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When two people meet and fall in love, dating is often the next step they take. However, it is still possible to date someone casually as this has become a norm in the modern days. It is normal to be anxious or tense when dating someone new because of the numerous uncertainties that can happen.

People who are new to relationships usually get a mixed feeling of fear and joy. But amid this confusion, it is crucial to be cautious and vigilant of various red flags that signal future challenges. Shared below are such red flags and what they mean.

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There Are Constant Complications

Coming from different family setups and beliefs can be a constant challenge in a relationship unless you agree to compromise. Some relationships are strangled by this and many more constant challenges such that partners are hardly ever happy. If you cannot find solutions to such problems, then your relationship is in big trouble. Sometimes, it is better to quit early rather than later.


Dating a Cheater

Nobody likes to be cheated on in a relationship. Problems start to arise immediately when this happens. The bigger problem is that some people are addicted to infidelity and they cannot stop even when they are caught red-handed. As soon as you realize that this is happening, it is paramount to take it as a red flag. You can forgive one or two times, but when it becomes a habit, you have to think twice. Dating is a great opportunity to know the person you are dealing with before escalating it into something else.


No or Poor Communication

Communication is part of a healthy diet in a relationship, whether it is physical or through communication platforms. It does not matter whether you have met at an online dating site like Happymatches or anywhere else but communication runs a relationship. It is a great red flag if both of you have no time to respond to a text, make a call, or even a video chat once in a while. This is even worse if you have nothing to tell each other when you show up for a date.


There is Abuse

Abuse in a relationship comes in many ways. Physical abuse is the worst that can happen to you when dating a person. Other forms of abuse include disrespect, being used for personal gain, and many others. When you detect this, always consider working it out first, but if it is persistent, consider quitting as fast as possible.


There is No Commitment

There are many things that show no commitment to a relationship. It could be one of the things we have discussed above or many others such as not being responsible and always failing to meet the promises you make to each other, just to mention a few. Ignoring this red flag increases your chances of being sad in the future. So, give it a serious thought to know whether this is the relationship you want not.


The Takeaway

Every relationship has some red flags. Some can be ignored or resolved while others are serious. If you see any of these, be sure to give them a good thought and take the right action for your own good.


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