What Are The Bad Effects Of Fashion On A Student’s Life?

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Fashion plays a big role in many young people’s lives. It is a common form of self-expression that helps people communicate who they are with clothes and looks. Yet, some students may take this form of communication way too far. When taken too seriously, fashion can develop a negative effect on one’s life. Thus, instead of being a positive influence, a way to express yourself and your creative side, fashion starts to interfere with students’ school dedication and progress, mental health, financial security, and even relationships. Let’s see what bad effects of fashion a student can experience, why, and how to prevent it. Here is everything you need to know about the dark side effects of being into fashion.

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Low self-esteem

So many people, especially young people, experience low self-esteem issues. Of course, the main root of this problem lies in social media. Low self-esteem comes as a result of constant comparison. People start to think that others are smarter, better dressed, and live more fulfilled lives. Social media does strive for such images. Yet. Fashion has also played a big part in such a problem.

People interested in fashion constantly look for new ideas, trends, designs, inspirational bloggers, etc. Yet, those unable to maintain the same lifestyle and fashion choices as more privileged people may develop serious self-esteem issues. The never-ending comparison doesn’t help build a strong personality, individual style, or self-confidence. Instead, it leads to constant struggles with self-image and rejection of yourself, as you don’t reflect it in fashion choices.

Constant competition

Fashion is a perfect platform for competition. It is designed for comparison and racing. Brands compete with each other. Designers seek higher recognition. People with a deep love for fashion express themselves mainly through clothes, and that’s how they perceive the world around them. They begin to look at people and judge them by their fashion choices. Not only will such comparisons be rarely fair for others, but they will also hurt the person who’s doing it.

A young person needs to have a strong social circle where they can feel for themselves. Social connections help us fight depression and loneliness and feel secure and loved while giving us emotional release and a sense of comfort. A social circle is no place for completion, not in fashion anyway. Plus, it is important to remember that one can’t compete with fashion itself. The industry is always changing, with thousands of people who command the trends.

Financial toll

Fashion is a costly hobby to practice. It comes as a big financial responsibility. In fact, it may be too much for young students to deal with, considering their tuition and limited time on work. Yet, many students still pursue their dreams of becoming fashion icons, or Instagram influencers, even on a limited budget.

Of course, there are always ways to look stylish even on a shoestring budget. Students can thrift their clothes, shop in vintage stores, or look for interesting pieces at online auctions, etc. However, these aren’t always enough to fulfil all fashionistas’ ambitions. Plus, being on trend sometimes means spending money on the newest collections.

So, overall, the love for fashion can drive students to bad financial choices, leaving them broke and disappointed in their limited budget. Thankfully, students can always count on free essays online whenever they need urgent help with homework, even when experiencing financial difficulties.

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Addiction and Guilt

Any hobby that gets out of control becomes a dangerous addiction. Students who can’t control their drive to be on trend march into a trap of guilt and constant dissatisfaction. Thus, these young people become obsessed with all the new trends, fashion shows, and news. They need to shop frequently and may even become shopaholics without realizing it. 

Plus, the current pace of fashion is incredibly fast. The constant change in trends and designs leaves young people scared to miss out and guilty of not keeping up with everything. Such a constant rush to stay on trend can lead to excessive guilt, stress, and anxiety. Yet, young people experience plenty of those feelings in school. Finding them elsewhere can become too much to bear for young minds.

Work pressure

Fashion does not tolerate mistakes and imperfections. Any fashionable person knows that. Although people in fashion have created such an environment, they are the ones to suffer from it nevertheless. Hence, students must live up to their standards and work tirelessly and hard on their style choices.

Of course, young people already have enough on their plate with school, work, and social life. Even with the help from sites like https://writepaperfor.me/pay-for-essays, students still lack time for homework. Yet, those who deem fashion to be a necessity can’t let go of the constant struggle to work hard on themselves. Unfortunately, such pressure inevitably leads to disappointment, breakdowns, sleep issues, anxiety, and even depression.


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