Why Fashion Matters

Why fashion matters

I have just finished reading the book – Why Fashion Matters by Frances Corner (the head of London College of Fashion) on my Kindle and it was a great read. The book opens my eyes to how fashion influences almost everything around us and how the fashion industry should be taken more seriously.

It also opened my eyes to how fashion should be celebrated because it is a multi billion pound industry that employs so many professionals, from the luxury designers, to the fashion stylists and the fashion bloggers amongst others. The fashion industry puts food on so many tables all over the world.

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Why Fashion Matters is divided into 101 thoughts to make it easy to soak it all in. I took note of some very important points. Here are my top five points:

  1. Couture is all about beauty of the clothing. It is where art and fashion meet. It is the laboratory for design and things are possible in couture, which are impossible anywhere else.


2. The majority of new clothes, whether luxury or mass market, are manufactured in Asian factories. Bangladesh has a minimum wage of $38 making it very attractive to so many retailers.


3. In 2012, China bypassed the United States to become the largest national market for luxury goods in the world.

4. Clothes say something to the world about who you are, they are visual indicators of the private decisions we make every morning when we choose what to wear for the day.

5. It takes 2,700 litres of water to produce one cotton T-shirt from ‘crop to shop’

There were so many informative points in the book, I will recommend it to all fashion lovers out there. It makes you to see everything in a completely different way. You can grab your Kindle Editio for £5.97 on Amazon or grab the hard cover for £7.99 also on Amazon.


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