Product Review: Homemade Hand Wash

Hey, beauties! Happy new month. Welcome to the month of July. I wrote a post a few months ago about how to make a hand wash with essential oils. It was in the early days of the COVID-19 lockdown and we were struggling to get them from the shops. The struggle to get a decent bottle of hand wash is still real. The cheaper options are almost impossible to find and you have to just go with whatever you see in the stores. This is one of the reasons why I decided to make my own hand wash.

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I have been playing with the idea of making haircare and skincare for us for some time. The hair oils were easy for me to start off with, so we have loads of those. However, making skincare and other household products have been on my mind for months, and I am glad to finally get started with this hand wash as my first household product.

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Homemade Hand Wash

The details of all products used can be found here with links, so I won’t be repeating them here. You can grab all on the products on Amazon, so do check the links out.

We are forever running out of hand wash in our house thanks to the kiddies. I think they find the whole hand washing fascinating and are forever washing their hands, which is a good thing. It’s great to be able to make our own homemade hand wash. It means we will never run out of hand wash even if they are out of stock in the stores. I followed all the steps in how to make hand wash with essential oils post, so do have a read on there if you missed that post. The only extra product I added was an Orange essential oil. I wanted some more fragrance and this oil did the work great.

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It took me under 30 minutes to make this handwash and that includes the time it took me taking the photos. Here are the pros and cons –

  1. It smells amazing thanks to the Lavender, Tea Tree, and Orange Essential Oils.
  2. I love the texture of the oil, thanks to the Almond Sweet Carrier Oil. It is so moisturising. My hands feel clean and moisturised like I have applied some hand cream after using this hand wash.
  3. It is a natural product. No preservatives have been added.
  4. I love that it foams really well and washes great too!
  5. It is super easy to make.


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Are you into making homemade products? What do you think of this homemade hand wash?



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