Beauty Muse: Arsema Thomas

The stunning and talented Arsema Thomas is the Beauty Muse of the month. This 28 year old stunner has been on my radar since she her role as young Lady Agatha Danbury in the Netflix period drama series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. You should watch this series if you haven’t done so already. It is so entertaining. Arsema Thomas played the role of young Lady Agatha Danbury so well. I was super impressed with her performance. She brought the role to life.

For those who have never heard of this Beauty Muse, her full name is Arséma Angela Adeoluwayemi Hamera Thomas. She is an American actress, and her first major role was in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

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Beauty Muse: Arsema Thomas

I think Thomas makes an amazing beauty muse. Her skin is so supple and flawless, and she makes beauty look so effortless. I am always here for her hairstyles as well. I like when she wears it big and bold like the look in the picture.

While snooping around for beauty secrets of Arsema Thomas, I cam across this video clip by Vogue where she shared her skin-care routine and beauty secrets. You can watch it all via the YouTube video below –

I love Thomas’ skincare regime. It is simple enough to implement and it looks like it works great for her skin, which is the most important bit. We should always opt for routines and products that suit our skin tone and lifestyle, that way we are being true to ourselves. Although, it is always a good idea to get useful beauty tips and hacks from others like our beauty muse, it is more important to remember to make them our own.

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What do you think of Arsema Thomas as a Beauty Muse? Are you a fan? Please drop your comments below, let’s chat.

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Beauty Muse: India Amarteifio

The talented and beautiful India Amarteifio from the new Netflix series – Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, is the Beauty Muse for the month of May. I have been busy binge watching this new series and I am really enjoying it. India Amarteifio is a beauty to behold, and she is also an amazing actress. I find her and the rest of the cast really entertaining. The lines are so good. Have you watched the series?

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Beauty Muse: India Amarteifio

The beautiful India Amarteifio is simply gorgeous. She has amazing facial features and she is a natural beauty. I love her flawless skin and amazing hair. This beauty muse is always looking fab! I have been doing some reading on this pretty lady and I found many interesting articles on her.

Here are some excerpts from India Amarteifio’s  interview with Teen Vogue

India Amarteifio on what Queen Charlotte’s natural texture means to her

“You don’t need to straighten it for it to be classy, for it to be sophisticated, for it to be elegant. Whatever your hair texture is, it’s beautiful in whatever state. To use my natural texture and still be able to emulate these styles was everything. It gave me so much joy.”

I agree completely. There is nothing like embracing all parts of yourself confidently. Our natural hair texture is beautiful and we should feel enjoy wearing it naturally in a variety of ways. I enjoyed the seeing the lovely hair styles in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story. The hairstyles were over the top but gorgeous.

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What do you think of India Amarteifio as a Beauty Muse? Are you a fan of the new Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story on Netflix? Who is your favourite from the cast? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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