Style Icon: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Hey Fashion and Style Lovers! The stylish Nollywood actor – Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD is the Style Icon for the month of December. I have been watching this stylish man on the big screen since I was a little kid and he is looking even more stylish now that he is over 60! RMD has always had an amazing sense of fashion. His distinct style stands out every time. I love seeing him photographed on the red carpet because I am always certain his outfit would be all shades of amazing. His impeccable personal style makes him a style icon.

Style Icon: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

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I love RMD’s outfit right here. Everything about the outfit screams style! His shoes are stunning. I really like the colour of his socks as well! The suit stands out for the right reasons. I love the fitting and the colour a lot! He wears it really well.

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If you are still wondering why Richard Mofe Damijo is a Style Icon on Fashion and Style Police, this look right here should answer all your questions. He is slaying like crazy with a popping red shirt and white trousers. The accessories he has on finish his look nicely. I particularly like the bracelets, they are really stylish. Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit, and the stylish accessories he has on are definitely making it.

RMD has and always will be a Style Icon. He dresses to impress every time and he makes it look so easy. I am a huge fan of his fashion and style. If you are after some menswear inspiration, you should take a look at his profile on the Gram. I am sure you will be blown away by his many stylish looks.

What do you think of our Style Icon of the month? Are you a fan? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat! Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day.





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