5 Style Tips for Men Who Want to Look Sharp

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Looking sharp doesn’t have to be a challenge. Sharp dressing combines the correct elements in the perfect balance and proportion. Sharp dressing is about making small details count for something and being mindful of how every item you wear makes you look, not just feel. It’s not rocket science or brain surgery, but it does require some thought and planning. Read on for our 5 style tips for men who want to look sharp.

Get the Right Fit

Ill-fitting clothes are the biggest mistake you can make. Whether you can afford to splurge on expensive pieces or not, if an item of clothing fits well, it will instantly look better and make your outfit more appealing. Whether buying Men’s sweatshirts, blazers, trousers, or more, pay attention to the fits. The length of sleeves on dress shirts and jumpers, the fit of trousers around the waist and leg. Finding a good tailor who can alter pieces to ensure they fit your body correctly can be worth it. They should be comfortable without being too baggy or tight.

Invest In Quality Clothes

Sharp dressing isn’t cheap, unfortunately. However, it’s not an investment in the item—it’s an investment in yourself. Quality clothing lasts longer and looks better than cheap clothing. Cheap clothing can make you look cheap, while quality clothing can make you look sharp and professional. It’s worth splurging on a few select pieces, especially when they’re items essential to your wardrobe, like a suit and tie. You can find quality clothing on sale or during online sales, so don’t be afraid to wait for a good deal to come along. If you’re working on a budget, wait for sales and shop for items essential to your wardrobe. Please research and see what brands are known for their quality items. If a brand is known for its quality and you can buy their items at a reasonable price, it’s worth the investment.

Go Neutral Until You Find Your Style

When unsure about your style, it’s best to err on the side of caution and go for the safe, neutral look until you know your personal style. When you’re just starting to find your style, it can be tempting to want to express yourself by wearing loud, colourful clothes. Don’t. Instead, stick to neutral and basic pieces until you know your style and what you want to express through your clothes.

Buy Fewer Better Quality Items

This is especially true if you’re starting out dressing better or have just discovered the art of sharp dressing. You don’t need to buy an entire wardrobe of clothes that you will wear only once or twice. Instead, buy a few good-quality items you can often wear and mix and match with the other things you have. Buy one or two dress shirts, a pair of pants, a couple of nice sweaters or knit tops, a sports jacket, a few nice button-up shirts, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of dressy sneakers. Buy some nice accessories like a belt, a tie, a scarf, a nice watch, and a good wallet. The key here is that you buy timeless items that can be mixed and matched with the other items you already have in your wardrobe.

Purchase A Good Coat or Jacket

If you live in a cold-weather climate and don’t already have one, purchase a nice pea coat, winter coat, or jacket. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should last you a few years. It should be something you can wear to work, out with friends, or on a date. A good coat is a staple in any man’s wardrobe and should be something you have in your closet. If you live in a warm climate, purchase a light jacket or blazer (or both) that you can wear when the weather is a little chilly. It should be something you can wear to work or on a date and go with just about any outfit.

Style Icon: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Hey Fashion and Style Lovers! The stylish Nollywood actor – Richard Mofe Damijo also known as RMD is the Style Icon for the month of December. I have been watching this stylish man on the big screen since I was a little kid and he is looking even more stylish now that he is over 60! RMD has always had an amazing sense of fashion. His distinct style stands out every time. I love seeing him photographed on the red carpet because I am always certain his outfit would be all shades of amazing. His impeccable personal style makes him a style icon.

Style Icon: Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Fashion and Style Icon image

I love RMD’s outfit right here. Everything about the outfit screams style! His shoes are stunning. I really like the colour of his socks as well! The suit stands out for the right reasons. I love the fitting and the colour a lot! He wears it really well.

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If you are still wondering why Richard Mofe Damijo is a Style Icon on Fashion and Style Police, this look right here should answer all your questions. He is slaying like crazy with a popping red shirt and white trousers. The accessories he has on finish his look nicely. I particularly like the bracelets, they are really stylish. Accessories have the power to make or break an outfit, and the stylish accessories he has on are definitely making it.

RMD has and always will be a Style Icon. He dresses to impress every time and he makes it look so easy. I am a huge fan of his fashion and style. If you are after some menswear inspiration, you should take a look at his profile on the Gram. I am sure you will be blown away by his many stylish looks.

What do you think of our Style Icon of the month? Are you a fan? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat! Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day.





Expert advice on what to look for when buying an expensive suit

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When it comes to shopping for a stylish suit, it takes a lot of thought and a good eye for fashion. A suit is a wardrobe necessity for almost every man so it is worth investing a little more in a couple. You can wear a suit to the office, a wedding, christenings and even on a date! If you opt for a cheap suit, it is likely you will be replacing it in a few years, so it is worth spending more to grab quality suits.

Not everyone knows exactly what to look for when it comes to buying a new suit… And how can other people tell that you’re wearing the best? CT shirts, experts in suit design, have created this guide to make your purchase the right one.


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The materials

When it comes to suits, the materials used determine the quality of the suit and how long they will be around for.

It is best to avoid suits with labels that state it has been created with a wool-blend or man-made materials, instead go for natural fibres. You should avoid Polyester as it retains a lot of heat, is less breathable and creases easily. A suit with 100% wool is something that you should look out for — these suits are versatile and ooze comfort. For a lustre look, often silk or mohair (a silk-like material made from the hair of the Angora goat) is added and this gives a luxurious shine to black suits For extra movement and comfort, a high-quality suit is often made with a small amount of Lycra and this improves its elasticity.

The ‘Super’ value is also an indicator on the finery of the material. The Super is a way of indicating that the wool is of high quality and the higher the number, the finer and lighter the cloth will be.

Not many people will go as far as considering the suit buttons and whether they are made from a durable material. Plastic buttons are prone to breakage and chipping — imagine if you brush against a wall or table, it will be the buttons that take the impact. Another high-quality material that is often used for making durable and long-lasting suit buttons is corozo nuts.


The design

Over time, a suit should mould to your individual body shape to convey a look that is truly unique.

Some weaves are considered as higher end than others, but this choice is largely personal preference. The patterns are created in the suit by interweaving different coloured threads in different ways. The ‘twill’ weave is considered to be stylish — this has a diagonal line of raised fabric and a silk-looking finish. The ‘herringbone’ also gives a smart look— this is an intricate V weave that creates a smooth feel.

Canvassed suit jackets are a popular choice, they’re created with layers of material that sit between the outer suit fabric and the inner lining. This tailoring technique helps the suit maintain structure and shape. What you should look out for is a ‘floating canvas’ — this is where the middle layer has been stitched to the fabric loosely so that the suit is able to mould to your body shape and move when you move.

Look at the lining of a suit for a clear sign on how well it has been made. Despite popular belief that an unlined suit is cheaper than a fully lined one, it actually takes more effort to create an unlined suit as the stitching and cut of the material is exposed. However, lined sleeves improve your ability to slide the jacket on and off.


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The details

A well-informed shop assistant will be able to help guide you through your purchase, identifying which tiny details of the garments have the most impact on the style and fit. It can be the tailor’s own way of integrating quality into their work.

The suit lapels are the folds on either side of the opening across the chest. One detail that can indicate the quality of a suit is the lapel roll — this is the fall and curl of the lapel from the collar to the first button. If the suit is one of many rolled off a production line, it is likely that the lapel will be completely flat against the jacket and the roll will be almost non-existent. In a high-quality suit however, the lapel roll will look like it has been carefully curved — giving the jacket more texture and a better appearance.

The back vents will determine how freely you can move around in the suit, and most importantly they will determine how comfortable the garment is. Choose suit jackets with twin back vents on the back of the jacket to improve its flexibility and range of movement.

Another feature to look out for on a suit is the stalk loops. This is a traditional tailoring feature which neatly keeps your flower stalk tucked away. Although it may not be a necessary feature for everyone, it shows attention to detail that’s likely to be an indicator of a good suit.

Look at the buttonholes carefully. Cheaper suits can often have frayed buttonholes as they haven’t been stitched with delicacy. Small details like this are big giveaways as to how your suit has been made.

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