Garden Inspirations


Picture Source: Taller Estilo Arquitectura/Homify

So 2 years after moving into our current house, our back garden is yet to be sorted. We have not had the time or the resources to sort it out and it is becoming a bit of a nuisance really. Designing a garden is an expensive project so the funds will have to be in place for that to happen. At the moment, our garden is just an empty lawn but I wish it looked similar to the picture above, that will make my outfit pictures look so good.

Currently,  I take 98% of my outfit pictures right outside my house, which isn’t ideal but I am lazy like that. I know many fashion bloggers go about scouting for the perfect location for their outfit pictures but I just can’t be bothered to go out of my way to take a picture. I understand the background matters when it comes to an outfit picture but most of time, I just find myself right outside my house, taking a picture.

Taking outfit pictures right outside my house is super awkward though. I always have passersby offer to take a picture of both of us together (myself and DH – the cameraman), and the confused look on their faces when we explain why we won’t be needing a picture together just makes it a lot more awkward. They usually don’t get it when I say I am a fashion blogger and we won’t need a picture together. So having a beautiful garden to snap some outfit pictures when I don’t feel like explaining to the whole world why my DH is taking pictures of me will be nice.

I have been busy browsing some beautiful garden design ideas and I am so inspired right now. I know exactly what I want; I want a beautiful and functional garden with a patio, filled up with flowers, with a clear design and layout.

These garden beauties below have inspired me and got my creative juices flowing:


Picture Source: Barnes Walker Ltd/Homify

This pool and water wall garden looks heavenly. It is a bit over the top for our middle size garden, and it will cost a small fortune to maintain but it is a beauty to behold. This will look magical at night.


Picture Source: The Lady Builder/Homify

This is a stylish, modern yet practical garden. The beauty is in the simplicity.


Picture Source: Solardome Industries Ltd

This contemporary garden is my ideal garden; beautiful and functional. It is perfect for my growing family and blog. I can see us snapping some cool outfit pictures in this garden already.

What do you think? Which design is your favourite?

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