Starting my day right with Cannabissimo Coffee

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My mornings always start with a good cup of coffee. I am never really myself without one. Days where I have to go without my regular coffee don’t start off well. So I make sure I get a “wake me up cup” before I even try to start my day. I recently got the lovely opportunity to try out Cannabissimo Coffee and I am so glad I did. It is not like your regular coffee; it has an earthly texture and I love that about it. I also love the fact that I can enjoy a cup of coffee with the amazing benefits of hemp flowers. You need to taste it so you see for yourself.


Cannabissimo Coffee

I like the packaging a lot. I could tell it was freshly packaged, which is a plus. Cannabissimo Coffee is 100% natural and legal like it says on the pack. The delicate taste of ground hemp remnants and unique Italian blend means it has a lovely taste. I am now sold on this special coffee. I have never tasted anything like it ever!


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How I like my morning cup of coffee

I usually like my morning hot drink fresh, refreshing and tasty. I am a bit of a sweet tooth when it comes to coffee, so I add a spoon or 2 of sugar and some milk/cream to get it to taste right. This Cannabissimo Coffee by Mighty Green Coffee ticks all the boxes for me. It tastes like a luxury cup of coffee but without the hefty price tag. At the time of writing this post, a  250G pack goes for only £9.45, which is so affordable. I love how I can taste the remnants of the ground hemp. The flavour is great and the aroma is so inviting.



The ingredients in this Cannabissimo Coffee Gourmet CBD Coffee with Hemp are – Roasted ground Italian coffee, hemp flowers (Cannabis Sativa L).


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There is nothing like good coffee. When you find one, you should hold on to it. This blend of coffee is fantastic. I can see myself drinking a cup of Cannabissimo Coffee for many mornings to come. It has definitely changed my mornings for the better and is now sitting pretty in my coffee jar.

What do you think of this coffee? Have you tried anything like it? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat. Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. You can catch up on my other lifestyle posts here. Until the next post, have a good one.

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