Style Icon: Marlo Hampton

Hey Fashion and Style Lovers! The stylish Marlo Hampton from Real Housewives of Atlanta is the Style Icon for the month. If you watch the reality series on Amazon Prime, you would know all about this fashion loving cast member. Marlo Hampton loves her big brands and she styles her pieces and accessories so well. I am always curious to see her outfits. This woman definitely brings it when it comes to all things fashion and style. I would love to check out her fashion collection, because with the stylish outfits I see this style icon rocking both on and off camera, I bet it would be worth a look.

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Style Icon: Marlo Hampton

Marlo Hampton’s style can be described as bright, bold, fun, and colourful. You can easily spot this style icon wearing sparkly bright pieces like what she has on in the picture above, and she always looks over the top in a good way.

On her love for fashion, Marlo Hampton chatted with Vogue and shared how her love for fashion started. Here is an excerpt from the interview –

“Fashion is just in my DNA,” she says. “I was raised in [project housing], but, at the time, my biological mom would go to the Goodwill to get our clothes, come home, wash them in the tub, and hang them on the line all for us to be the best-dressed kids in Maplewood. People don’t understand it’s so serious to me, and [I understand other] people may not take it as seriously. Fashion’s been there to uplift me when I’ve been down. It really is a part of me, a part of who I really am in my heart and mind.”

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From watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I know a lot about Marlo Hampton’s story and how her love for fashion took off. She is definitely a fashion force to reckon with. You can read the full interview with Vogue here.

What do you think of this style icon? Are you a fan?


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