Trusting in your inner voice

It can be hard when it comes to trusting in your inner voice sometimes, especially with the loud voices around. There’s the press, social media, family and friends, and their voices can get a louder than our quiet intuition. However, listening to your inner voice is even more important when the outside voices get louder. News about CoronaVirus is everywhere and people are already starting to panic. I don’t blame those who are panicking. When you see the figures and how quickly the virus spreads, it can easily throw you off. But it is better to stay calm and informed so you know how best to protect yourself and your loved ones. Panic only leads to hysteria, and then people stop thinking logically when that sets in.


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So how fo you stay calm in the midst in chaos? How do you trust your inner voice when there’s confusion everywhere. Here are three ways you can go about doing just this –

Stay silent

Many times we are too busy waffling on to find the time to just be quiet. The more silent you are, the more likely you will hear your inner voice. That inner voice is usually very quiet. You can easily stay silent when mediating. So you need to tune in to listen and take in the message. When in doubt on the next action to take, stay silent and trust in your inner voice.

Recognise the inner voice

Most of us have heard the judgemental voice in our head that tells us how horrible we are. That voice is full of spite and hate, so it is quote easy to recognise. The inner voice is quiet and calm. It is full of love and light. From the tone of the voice, you shall know it.

Listen to your body

Sometimes our body is able to communicate what our inner voice or intuition is trying to tell us. This usually happens when we don’t stay silent enough to hear our inner voice or when we don’t recognise it. The chills you feel could be your body trying to tell you something, the tension you feel in your stomach could also be your body trying to bring your attention to something. It pays to listen to body. When all else fails, our body speaks to us loud and clear.


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How do you learn to trust your inner voice? Do you have any tried and tested tips to share for trusting in your inner voice? Please sound off in the comments section.

Have a great day wherever you are.


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