Beauty-Related Side Hustles To Help You Save Those Pennies

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Have you got a side hustle? Having a side project or a second job can be an excellent way to add to your income, and it can be a fantastic way to indulge your interests and hobbies.

If you love beauty, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are some great options to choose from for a beauty-themed side hustle. 

Here are some excellent beauty-related side hustles to help you save some extra pennies.


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Start a blog

Becoming a beauty blogger is a fun and exciting way to indulge your passion for beauty. But with the right approach, you can also make some money from it! By creating content that’s useful, insightful and helps people learn more about products, looks and the industry – you could soon end up with a must-visit destination for beauty lovers. 

There are a lot of ways you can make money through blogging, so as soon as you’ve got your blog up and running, look at the different ways of monetising it too!

Sell beauty products

Selling beauty products online is easier than ever. Companies like Avon and Body Shop have been providing this kind of income for years, but there are some newer companies that also give you this opportunity. 

If you’ve got great social media skills and are happy to network, this could be a fun way to put your beauty habit to good use. You’ll even get to try the products to help you make the right recommendations to others!


Take a beauty course

Many people are undertaking beauty courses as a way to make some extra money in addition to their job. You could become a makeup artist or a nail technician and work evenings/weekends – choosing your own hours and working in the comfort of your own home!

Undertaking lash extension training could also be a cool little earner. There’s a big demand for lash extensions, and if you can offer competitive prices, you could soon build up your client list!


Use your social media to your advantage

Do you have a good following on social media? Even if your numbers are small right now, you could soon build them up to make some money online. Hosting giveaways is one great way to help those numbers jump up! With some high follower numbers and engagement stats, you’ll be in a great position to join affiliate programmes as well as strike up partnerships with brands. Start tagging companies in your posts to help you get noticed and see where it could lead you!


The beauty industry offers some great careers, and if you’re interested in doing something beauty-related in the future, a side hustle can be a great place to start. From blogging to selling, you’ve got different options depending on how much you want to commit! Many people make a side hustle work around their full-time work, which can be great for boosting your savings or helping your money stretch further each month. Make money doing what you love with a beauty side hustle and start adding to your income.

What do you think of these beauty-related side hustles to help you save those pennies?


How to care for your feet this autumn

I hate to break it to you but autumn is here officially now. The sunshine and lovely warm weather will be missed, but I am also looking forward to the lovely autumn weather. The trees are always so beautiful to look at and the weather is usually not too cold. I like to pay attention to my skincare in the autumn months. My feet get special attention in autumn. I like them soft, smooth and silky.

Many people take their feet for granted especially in the autumn/winter season because it is hidden in socks and thick boots. All sorts go on the feet is you leave them unattended. Think about untended blisters from wearing the right shoes or flaky rough skin from not moisturising your feet. It is shocking to find that many of us spend time taking care of our faces and getting our makeup right, but then neglect our feet. Only for us to try to catch in the summer season after months of neglect so we can wear our gladiator sandals.


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Go see a podiatrist

A podiatrist is a healthcare professional who have been trained to diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. These professionals also prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections.

If you have been neglecting your feet, then you need to start caring for them today. Book an appointment with a podiatrist if you have corns and bunions. The professional will get them treated for you and check you have no infection waiting to spread. Don’t attempt to treat your corns yourself as you may do more harm than good. The podiatrist will also deal with any deformities and feet issues.


Go for a pedicure

Once you get the all clear from your podiatrist, you should be able to go in for a well deserved pedicure. Your toe nails and feet will thank you for the special TLC they get. Getting a foot massage is a must when you need to get your feet relaxed. A good foot massage works like magic.



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Avoid nail polish

Now this tip may surprise many but nail polish isn’t too good for the nails. Many of them are made with chemical products that can make your nails weak and brittle. You can have your nails painted for a few months in the year (hello summer) but leave them unpainted for the autumn/winter months.


DIY pedicure

You can always give your feet nice pedicure form the comfort of your home. I like to do that every now and again, since I work from home and I am usually at home. There’s nothing like soaking my tired feet in warm soapy water while I relax with a book. I like to add some bath salts in the water and it works even better. I usually finish up my DIY pedicure with a pumice stone to rub off dead skin, clip toenails straight across and not down the sides to avoid infection, cuticle cream and exfoliating cream.


How do you plan to care for your feet this autumn?


Product Review – TAMAAR Skincare

I had the lovely opportunity to try out a product from TAMAAR Skincare range. It was my first time using a product from the brand and I was excited to get started. I went for Rejuvenate Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex and I am glad I did. The product is great. I use it everyday after cleansing my face and I love what it does to my facial skin. My skin is looking smooth and supple thanks to this amazing cream.


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 TAMAAR Skincare Description

Here is the brief product dreescription from the brand –

Our unique composition containing date palm extract delays the visible effects of ageing and improves the skin’s natural defence system. It combines a powerful blend of radiance boosting turmeric root extract and rejuvenating plant oils to give you a complete solution for your daily skincare regime. Your skin will be left looking, and feeling, soft, smooth and healthy.


Key Ingredients

• Date Palm Extract • Tamarind Seed Extract • Curcuma Longa (Turmeric Root Extract) • Annatto Seed Extract • Holy Basil • Aloe Vera • Sweet Almond Oil • Grape Seed Oil • Green Tea Extract • Rose Hip Oil • Carrot Seed Oil • Gotu Kola •  Argan Oil • Beetroot Extract • Kefir Milk Probiotics.


Rejuvenate- Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex image Beauty Blogs UK Image


Here are my thoughts on the Rejuvenate Advanced Natural Anti-Ageing Cream Complex –


  1. I love the simple packaging. It is easy to use and store.
  2. The texture of the cream is great. It works well on my skin.
  3. It leaves my skin feeling and looking moisturised.
  4. I love the fact that it contains Rose Hip Oil. That is one of my favourite skin oils at the moment.
  5. It is a great anti-ageing cream.






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I can’t fault this skincare product. It is a great cream to apply after cleansing. This product currently retails at £47 for a 30ml bottle. That may sound expensive but trust me, when it comes to your skin, the more you spend on your skincare products, the better they are.

What do you think of this skincare product? Have you used any product by TAMAAR Skincare?


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