Sag Awards 2013 Worst Dressed

Here are the worst dressed ladies of the Sag Awards:

1. Anne Hathaway: Anne is usually on my best dressed list but I did not like this particular Giambattista Valli dress she had on for the Sag Awards.


2. Sigourney Weaver: This shapeless satin dress is a no-no. It is too tight and it does not fit her body shape. Sigourney definitely needs to have an honest conversation with her stylist.


3. Morena Baccarin: This dress would have been so perfect without the train.


4. Julianne Moore: I am not feeling this dress on Julianne. I don’t like the fit on her bust, it is not flattering. Even a Chanel couture gown can be messed up on the wrong body.


5. Busy Phillips: This is definitely the worst look of the night. This tie-dyed looking dress is too casual for the red carpet.


Pictures Sources: Los Angeles Times


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