Age-proof Your Make-up (Women In Their Forties)


Women in their forties should have an established skin care and make-up routine that works for them. Fine lines and other signs of ageing usually surface at this time so now is the best time to age-proof your make-up. Here are 10 tips to help achieve a natural look:

1. Tint your eyelashes, this will help define your eyes a lot more.

2. Use a light concealer to help disguise dark circles under the eyes.

3. Use a liquid foundation for more coverage.

4. Remember to moisturize especially at night.

5. Use a primer to even out the different areas on your face.

6. Nourish your face with a night cream and eye cream at bedtime.

7. Exfoliate your face twice a week.

8. Use a firming, moisturizing mask once a week.

9. Apply your blush along the top of cheekbones rather than the hollows.

10. Layer your lips starting with a lip pencil, then lipstick and finish off with a lipgloss.

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