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Picture Source: Vogue.com

Let’s talk fake designer bags. Now I will never, ever own a fake bag or a fake anything for that matter. This is one of my many principles in my fashion life. It is not me being cocky, it is just me being real. If I can’t afford to own the real thing, I rather go for a cheap high street bag than a fake Louis Vuitton. Fake designer bags have been around for donkey years now. People who cannot afford to own the real thing, go for the fakes and this keeps the guys in the chinese factories and other factories all over the world in business.

I got this excerpt from Vogue.com

“ALMOST £14 million-worth of fake designer bags have been seized in a police raid in warehouses in Manila, the Philippines. Bags purporting to be by designers including Hermès, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo and Michael Kors were confiscated in the swoop.

The raiding team acted on a warrant of seizure issued by the Bureau of Customs, the senior investigating officer told The Philipine Daily Inquirer, The Fashion Law reports, and would soon subpoena the warehouse owners for a hearing at the bureau.

French luxury conglomerate LVMH – which controls several of the labels allegedly counterfeited in this case, including Hermès and Louis Vuitton – signed an agreement with online market place Ebay earlier this year to work together to curb the online sale of luxury fakes”.

I am really happy about this, it is so unfair for the big brands who go through so much to keep their products luxurious, only for them to have lookalikes all over the web. I remember buying my very first Ugg boots online, I was quite surprised I was getting it for half the RRP but naive me didn’t think too much of it. I didn’t realise I had ordered fake Uggs boots from China. It took ages to come and once I saw it, I just knew it was a fake. I managed it for a while but had to get rid if it because it couldn’t do the simple job of keeping me warm in the harsh winter. I have been a lot more careful shopping online since the incident, I know what to look out for so it can never happen to me again.

I get a lot of emails from online boutiques offering me fake products to advertise on my blog. This post is a message to you all, I don’t wear anything fake, I don’t believe it. If I can’t afford the real thing, I forget it so I will advise you all to stop wasting your time emailing me and chanel that energy some place else.

What is your take on fake designer pieces?

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  1. Good post. I think they deserve to be dealt with cos in the long run, they tarnish the image, brand and talent of the people who work really hard to design and sell the real products.

  2. Please preach it sister. Can remember seeing a well dressed Chinese lady with an expensive LV bag in a Mall in Kuala Lumpur and the next thing I saw her shopping in A cheap store where shoes and bags were sold for the equivalent of $30 – $50. Said to myself if she is happy to shop here she definitely isn’t carrying a real LV bag. It must be fake. Can’t imagine why people choose to live a fake life.

    • I know right. The amount of Chinese students I see here in the UK with Louis Vuitton bags makes me think hard but I know they are all fakes. Can’t really tell with Louis bags though. The fakes look almost like the real thing. Shocking. I hope they all get seized.

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  6. For everything now fake ones is coming; apart from the direct stores we can’t able to trust any shopping stores. Even hard to identify it as a fake or not

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