Instagram Picture Of The Week – LaLa Anthony


Picture Source: Instagram

LaLa Anthony is a very fashionable woman. We all have to give that to her because she knows her stuff. She is the queen of effortless chic fashion. Her instagram account inspires me everyday. Take this picture for example,  LaLa Anthony is wearing a stunning Balmain dress and the dress is showing off her stunning figure. She looks divine in that dress.

Balmain seems to be every celebrity’s favourite at the moment. From Kim Kardashian to Nicki Minaj, every one is wearing and talking about Balmain designs. I like most of the Balmain pieces I have seen, Oliver  Rousteing surely knows his stuff. He is a talented designer and seems to be every celebrity’s BFF. Good marketing, good for him.

Happy 2nd Blog Anniversary


I started Fashion and Style Police two years ago and it has been a fantastic second year. I enjoy blogging so much that it does not even feel like a chore or job. Fashion blogging has opened my eyes to the various opportunities that could come from the blogosphere. So far, I have made so many new blogger friends, improved my fashion writing, I have had various brand collaborations and sponsorship deals and I have attended some amazing events as well.

I keep counting my blessings and I am grateful to have over 3900 amazing followers and over 91,000 hits on Fashion and Style Police. My followers keep growing and my tiny little blog continues to grow. I am looking forward to many more years of blogging. Have a fabulous weekend. Thank God it’s Friday.

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