Becoming A Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Mary Kay

Picture Source: Mary Kay

I had this sudden cool idea some weeks ago; becoming a Mary Kay beauty consultant.  I love Mary Kay beauty products, been using her products for many years now , I have a passion for makeup and an eye for beautiful faces so being a Mary Kay beauty consultant seem like a convenient and profitable side business venture.

My initial plan was to have an independent online store where I could sell my beauty products, Amazon and Ebay were on my mind, but after some further research, I found out I could only sell on a personalised sub-site on the Mary Kay website, I have to buy products worth a minimum of around £200 every three months to keep my membership active and there was a starter pack I needed to purchase for £29 to set off my Mary Kay beauty consultation business.

I wasn’t happy with these discoveries so my  Mary Kay beauty consultant dream is on hold for now.  Are there any Mary Kay beauty consultants  in the house? I will like to hear about your experience. Please feel free to comment.

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