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I had this sudden cool idea some weeks ago; becoming a Mary Kay beauty consultant.  I love Mary Kay beauty products, been using her products for many years now , I have a passion for makeup and an eye for beautiful faces so being a Mary Kay beauty consultant seem like a convenient and profitable side business venture.

My initial plan was to have an independent online store where I could sell my beauty products, Amazon and Ebay were on my mind, but after some further research, I found out I could only sell on a personalised sub-site on the Mary Kay website, I have to buy products worth a minimum of around £200 every three months to keep my membership active and there was a starter pack I needed to purchase for £29 to set off my Mary Kay beauty consultation business.

I wasn’t happy with these discoveries so my  Mary Kay beauty consultant dream is on hold for now.  Are there any Mary Kay beauty consultants  in the house? I will like to hear about your experience. Please feel free to comment.

Making Up Your Eyes


The eyes are the window to the soul. A good eye makeup will add some definition to your look, enhance the colour and shape of the eyes. It is important to use the right products to achieve the perfect look. The following products are essentials:

Eye Base

A good eye base will keep your eye shadow in place all day without creasing or smudging. I recommend MAC Prep + Prime.


Eye Shadows

Eye shadows can make or break any look. You can go for cream or powder eye shadows. You get more colour shades with Powder eye shadows (I prefer them). Go for powders that feel smooth to touch. I recommend No 7 eye shadows.


Eye Pencils

Eye pencils define the eyes, go for dark brown rather than black. Dark brown creates a softer look and makes the eye look bigger. I recommend Rimmel eye pencils.


Liquid Eye Liner

Liquid eye liners give a strong fierce look. It takes the eye definition to another level. Smart product if you apply it properly. I recommend Mary Kay liquid eye liner.



Mascara defines the eyes immediately. It transform your face completely. Go for a colour that will work with your natural colouring. I use black most days. Also, never pump your mascara wand(you know that thing we do when our mascara is almost finished), this will pump air into the tube, which will dry it out. I recommend Max Factor mascara.


Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrows are the frame for your eyes. It is important to use a pencil to define or colour nicely plucked eye brows. Go for a natural look by selecting a colour next to your hair colour. I recommend Iman eyebrow pencils.



Creating A Flawless Finish


Every woman desires to have a flawless face. The main issue is creating one. These products will help you achieve a flawless finish:

1. Foundation

A flawless finish begins with a perfect start. So let’s start with the Foundation. I begin my makeup with Mary Kay Foundation and a Mary Kay Foundation Brush. There are so many foundation products in the market, you need to find the perfect one to give your skin an even colour. Also, go for foundations with a good SPF to protect your face from the sun.

Tinted Moisturizers are the lightest foundations and they are great for the summer months. They do not cover spots or blemishes, but they even out the skin tone.


Clinique Moisture Sheer Tint is a good one to try.

Liquid Foundations or fluid foundations give more coverage. You must choose the right one to match your skin tone. I use Mary Kay Liquid Foundation. I have used it for years now and it is perfect for my skin tone. There are so many shades so make sure you test before you buy.


Cream or Stick Foundation is the heaviest foundation and is good for those with a less-than-perfect skin and who love a heavy look.


2. Concealers

I use concealers as my second step in achieving a flawless finish. I apply my Body Shop concealer on top of my foundation with my fingers to cover blemishes and dark circles.


3. Powders: The types of powders are Mineral Powders, Loose Powders and Pressed Powders. Mineral Powders are alternatives to cream or liquid foundations, they give a smooth, natural finish. Loose Powders ensure a long-lasting, matte look while Pressed Powder (which I use) which is the most popular, ensures a soft and smooth flawless finish. I apply my Mary Kay pressed powder with a Mary Kay powder puff.



Watch my Mary Kay Foundation Vlog below –

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