8 Fashionable Links This Week

Here are some fashionable links worth clicking. I enjoyed reading the posts and I am sure you will love them all.


Picture Source: Link 7

1. Autumn Colors – http://www.skinnyhipsterblog.com/autumn-colors/

2. Floral Green – http://www.jadore-fashion.com/2014/10/Asos-floral-full-midi-dress-and-Valentino-Rockstud.html

3. Family Portrait – http://fashiontoast.com/2014/10/family-portrait/

4. Cut Flowers – http://www.stylebubble.co.uk/style_bubble/2014/10/cut-flowers.html

5. The Barefaced or Bold Beauty Challenge – http://cocosteaparty.com/2014/10/bronze-eyes-westfield-barefaced-bold.html

6. Pro Tips: Makeup For Your Next Big Event – http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/series-stories/pro-tips-makeup-for-a-big-event

7. Target Should Do a Plus-Size Designer Collaboration With Garner Style – http://heartifb.com/2014/08/18/target-should-do-a-plus-size-designer-collaboration-with-garner-style/

8. Boot Season – http://9to5chic.com/2014/10/boot-season.html

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