Are Fashion Magazines A Luxury Purchase?


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A couple of years ago, it was so very important for me to buy every fashion magazine, every month. Glamour, Vogue, Elle, you name it, I bought it. Now, I hardly buy fashion magazines. I just read them on my iPad. I must confess though, I do miss flipping the pages of a new magazine. The smell and the feel does it for me but the online editions are so easy to access and convenience wins for me every time.

Am not the only one going for convenience. Research shows there has been a continuous dip in the sales of fashion magazines. Editors are getting really worried because people are just buying magazine issues as much. Also, I noticed I hardly see anyone reading a magazine when commuting. Fashion magazines were usually used by us ladies to pass time while commuting but I see most people going through a newspaper or a smart device.

Has technology taken the place of fashion magazines? Are fashion magazines now a luxury purchase most of us can’t be bothered with? Have blogs taken the place of fashion magazines? Share your thoughts.

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