The Style Icon – Kerry Washington

Our style icon for this week is the lovely Scandal star – Olivia Pope Kerry Washington. I love her style. She brings her A game every time, she knows what looks good on her figure and she sticks to it. Kerry Washington is not a risk taker when it comes to fashion and I admire that. She does not keep up with the fashion trends, she creates her own style. Have a look at her style below and be inspired to create your own style.

Kerry Washington




Kerry Washington


Enhancing Uneven Lips


Enhancing the appearance of the lips is quite easy to achieve with the right products and technique. You need a combination of a clear mirror, a good lip pencil, lipstick and lip gloss. Use these techniques to enhance the uneven lips:

  • Apply some concealer to the lips.
  • Draw a line on the inside of the fuller lip (could be top or bottom) and a line on the outside the natural lip line and fill in.
  • Apply a light shade of lipstick to the narrower lip and a darker shade of lipstick to the fuller lip.
  • Blend colours together lightly.
  • Apply lip gloss to the narrower lip.
  • Smile.

Six Fashionable Links This Week


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Here are some links worth clicking:

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  4. Dogtooth Tres – by Lily Melrose
  5. Leading The Wedding Guest Charge –!image-number=1 by Glamour Magazine
  6. Gant Rugger In Glasgow – by Little Magpie
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