New Year Fashion & Style Resolutions 2015


A new year is the right time for a fresh start, so I have some new year fashion and style resolutions for 2015, I intend to keep. Here they are:

  • Take More Outfit Pictures – I will aim to publish at least one outfit picture a week. I have started shopping the January sale to get some stylish additions to my wardrobe so you will be seeing a couple of new pieces, jazzed up with the old. I can’t wait to show you what I have in mind.
  • Go For Fashion Shows – I plan to attend a couple of fashion shows this year. Have some in mind already so let’s see.
  • Attend Blogger Events & Conferences – I am yet to attend any blogger events so looking forward to attending some this year. Wish me luck.
  • Take More Beauty Inspired Pictures – I talk a lot about makeup and beauty on this blog, this year, I will be stepping it up a notch by showcasing more on my makeup, beauty products, beauty routine and so on. My last beauty inspired post was quite popular so I will be doing more of this, with more of my own pictures.
  • Blogging – I will continue to blog as frequently as I blog now, I will also work on publishing more informative and interesting fashion posts. So keep following this blog for juicy fashion posts and follow it if you are not already following.

Do you have any fashion, Style or beauty resolution to share? Sound off in the comments section. Have a fantastic weekend and happy new year again.


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