How To Have A Happy Birthday


So today is my birthday. I am officially 28 years today and I feel so old already. This last year has been great all around and I am so grateful to God for everything. Fashion and Style Police is growing, slowly but surely. I have also relaunched my personal shopping business as you must have read in my last post. I am looking forward to another great year.

I will be logging off Word Press and all social media accounts for the rest of the day, although I will be approving comments and responding to them once I can (guess I am not really logging off then). I will updating you guys on my birthday outfit and other details soon.

To answer the topic question, blog on your birthday. Have a fantastic day dearies.

How To Contact A Personal Shopper


Fashion and Style Police now offers personal shopping services to Lagos, Nigeria. All you need to do is email me (, telling me what you want with links to the UK sites if you have them or just details of what you want, and I make it happen. I am happy to shop for anything as long as it’s legit.

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Click On These Links


Here are some clickable links for you this week. I promise they are worth the click. Enjoy.





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