Product Review: Geluxury Moisture Replenishing Leopard Slippers


I was recently sent this Geluxury Moisture Replenishing Leopard Slippers by Simply Feet some weeks ago to review. My feet is usually OK, I don’t suffer much from cracked heels or damaged cuticles but I couldn’t turn down a golden opportunity to pamper my feet. I love pampering myself at home, so I am usually on the lookout for products I could use at home by myself.

Here is what Geluxury has to say about this moisturising slippers:

Our dematologist-tested slippers feature our patent-pending SmartGel lining, which is scientifically formulated to transform dry, damaged skin. The deep-hydrating gel lining delivers therapeutic botanicals and oils that heal, intense hydrators that nourish, and ceramides that seal and protect. With regular use, you will restore, repair and rejuvenate your cracked heels, calluses, and damaged cuticles.

How To Use

  • The Slippers work best when used regularly (20-30 minutes at least 2x per week).
  • Daily use is recommended for optimal results.
  • The Slippers should be worn for light, indoor use only.
  • Slip them on while relaxing at home, doing light housework, or just sitting at your desk.


Here are my thoughts on this product:


  1. No mess or preparation required. All I needed to do was to put it on. I applied a mosituriser on my feet after having a shower, before wearing it for a more intensive treatment.
  2. This slippers made my feet smooth and soft in a couple of days so it works!
  3. After wearing it for about 15 minutes, it starts to feel nice and warm, I could feel the moisturisers and oils release and start to work.
  4. I love the leopard print design, so chic. It also comes in a ‘cuddle cow’ print design


  1. It felt kind of weird the first time I wore it. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I expected a regular indoor, comfortable slippers but this feels nothing like that. It has a gel like lining that feels like rubber when worn initially. I guess it has to feel like this to do the job.
  2. I choose a medium size as I am a UK 6 and the medium size is meant for UK 5-6.5 but this was a little small for me, only if that is how it is meant to be in order to do the job?

Overall, I recommend the Geluxury Moisture Replenishing Slippers, it does all it claims to do in a matter of days. It will repair, replenish and restore your feet, leaving it feeling and looking smooth and soft.

The Geluxury Moisture Replenishing Leopard Slippers costs £30 and you can grab it on the Simply Feet website (link in the first paragraph). So what do you think of this product? Have you tried it?

*PR sample included in this post.

28 responses

  1. This looks great. I love the colour. It is worth trying, I will like to give it a try. Love your blog always.

  2. They look amazing I love love anything to make my skin Esperanto feet smooth. Great review and now they are definitely something i would consider buying xx

  3. Nice!! I’ve never heard of that moisturizing slippers but I like the idea! Really anything that pampers your feet is a good thing! I should look into them!

    xo, jackie

  4. This is an ingenious idea I must say! I need to look into these as I suffer terribly with dehydrated feet. Thanks hon. Helpful post.

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  6. this is so cool! I have only seen moisturising feet masks but they have this foil packaging so it is difficult to walk in them. These one seem amazing! thanks for sharing, I didn’t know they exist!


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