Product Review – Dream Dots For Spots

Since I had my babies, my face has been extremely prone to spots and all other skin issues, so you can imagine my excitement when I received a pack of 24 patches Dream Dots For Spots to review some days ago. I couldn’t wait to try it out.


Here is what Dream Dots had to say about the product:

A Dream Dot isn’t simply a sticker — it’s a unique super absorbent hydro matrix patch. It targets spots and breakouts overnight using no harsh ingredients, yet gives dramatically effective results. With a 100% waterproof, breathable, satin-smooth, wafer-thin surface, it acts seamlessly as a second skin, conforming to any contour of the face. On contact with the spot, the patented core locks in and absorbs the spot exudate. A moist healing environment is formed, maintaining ideal pH balance, temperature and hydration levels while sealing in repair factors, which leads to faster healing. Pain is reduced as nerve endings are cushioned and protected in this moist condition. The patch swells and turns white overnight as it absorbs exudate giving a visible reduction in redness and inflammation when removed in the morning.

The instructions came in a leaflet and were quite straight forward:

  • Cleanse the skin, wait for skin to dry.
  • Apply one Dream Dot per spot, press and seal the edges for 30 seconds.
  • Leave on for 8-10 hours/overnight, for best results use over 3-4 days.


I have been using this every night for the past week and here are my thoughts:


  1. It works fast. My spots cleared out smoothly after about 5 uses.
  2. Quite affordable at £11.95 for a pack of 24 patches.
  3. Leaves no scars or patches.
  4.  Readily available at, Superdrug, Amazon and other retailers.
  5. Beautiful packaging.


  1. It could be a little uncomfortable when taking of, but it is bearable.

I recommend Dream Dots For Spots to anyone suffering from facial spots and blemishes. This product works like magic. It is does all it says it does and it is worth every penny. It is a smart product and my new BFF.

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*PR sample included in this post.

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