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Hey guys. I have another giveaway for you. This time, I am giving this lovely, yummy chocolate hamper courtesy of Serenata Flowers. The good people of Serenata Flowers got in touch and sent me this delicious chocolate hamper to review and offered to give one lucky reader a chocolate hamper as well. For those of you who do not know, Serenata Flowers is the UK’s largest direct to consumer online florist, this company also has bouquets for all occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, you name it, they got it.



If you want to skip this review bit, scroll to the very end for the juicy stuff.


  • Fastest delivery ever in the history of online shopping. I placed my order on the evening of Wednesday and got it at my doorstep early Thursday morning. This delivery is also free, which makes it even more fantastic.
  • The customer service was the BEST. Prompt response to emails, pleasant, friendly chap at the other end, simply the best.
  • The chocolate hamper was very well package and the cute basket is a keeper.
  • So many varied products in the hamper, this will appeal to many.
  • For the price of Β£40, this hamper is value for money.




None. I cannot fault the service, package or the products. This will make a great Christmas present. I love it.


Now to the fun stuff, for a chance to win this yummy chocolate hamper, you need to do the following:

  1. Follow me on Twitter here and RT the pinned giveaway tweet at the top of my profile here.
  2. Follow Serenata Flowers on Twitter here.
  3. Leave me a comment with your Twitter username and tell me why you want to win this chocolate hamper.

This giveaway ends on 2nd October 2015 at 9pm and is open to UK Residents only. The winner will be randomly selected. Good luck guys.

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250 responses

  1. @LuckyNanna45 – there are so many reasons why I would like to win! I know for sure that there are NO reasons why I wouldn’t. I have 5 daughters so a girlie night in would certainly be on the cards!

  2. @Rooby7 This hamper looks lovely, I am a big chocolate fan! I would love to win this to see the look on my children’s faces when it turned up!

  3. Followed/tweeted as @Isis1981uk
    I’d love to win as a reward as I’m a true chocoholic but have made myself not eat any for 2 weeks…a record!

  4. Twitter handle @lindsey855

    I would love to win this chocolate hamper to divide between family members for christmas who ALL LOVE chocolate πŸ™‚

  5. @gemmavgray i would love to win this because i’m a lifelong chocaholic with the world’s biggest sweet tooth and have somehow gone cold turkey and managed 3 whole weeks without a bite of now i need a reward πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m full of cold and feeling sorry for myself, so need some cheering up, only chocolate will fix me!!!
    My twitter name is S_Lou4
    Thanks for the opportunity πŸ™‚

  7. @magentawillow I want to win because I am the original chocoholic and my 40th Birthday is coming up this October, this would make an awesome present to myself!

  8. @claza93 – I would give this to my chocolate crazy other half who is working really hard at the mo trying to get some cash for christmas

  9. @Olojay @SerenataFlowers #Win #giveaway #competition #comp Some types of choccies have health benefits, I would like to test that theory.

  10. @sirius9 Wow, this just can’t be true, a hamper FULL of chocolate. I’d love this to share with…, just for myself for my sweet tooth. No sharing with anyone, oh selfish me.

  11. I would love to win this for my Halloween Birthday! This year its a BIG one! It would be amazing to win & share with my family on my birthday thank you for the chance this is amazing @trudeestweets

  12. @marsariz – I want to win this chocolate hamper because I love chocolate but unfortunately so do both of my daughters so I would love this to share.

  13. @Neil49ers – love to win as a present for my over-worked wife. She has to work since I had to retire early on ill-health

  14. @hutton_jess.
    I would love to win this for my mum. I’m recovering from 2 operations on my spine and she has been amazing. It’s not just that she has supported me financially as I get very little sick pay, done everything in the house and ran around after me as I’m basically confined to bed. It’s mainly that she has kept me sane and stopped me from getting depressed. Just sitting on my bed to watch tv and chatting. She’s spent all her time she’s not at work with me. She has been just amazing and I would love to win her this to say thank you. Xx

    • @Alexlb20

      Would love to win this chocolate hamper to give to my mum. Dislocated my knee 13 weeks ago, got left by the hospital and I still can’t walk. Hoping to get surgery soon, so this would be a perfect little gift for my mum; as a thank you to her for helping me these 13 weeks when I was at my worst.

  15. i have followed and retweeted @elff73, would love this to give to my nan and her carers in the nursing home, because them all could do with a treat and to say thank you for all there hard work

  16. I would love to win this for my uncle who deserves a treat, he lives a very basic life not out of choice but to pay the bills so I would give him this and hope he would enjoy every part of it πŸ™‚

  17. My Twitter handle is @kelnew86. I would love to win this because I am being super duper organised this year with buying Christmas presents early so save money – this would be an awesome present for my mum as she’s a huge chocolate lover!!

  18. I dont treat myself very often so winning this would be fantastic. I would share it with my husband on our date night πŸ™‚ @kristinbb

  19. Love chocolate and nuts in all their guises @FloridaPlum I deserve to be spoilt a little even if I have to do it myself!

  20. so i can enjoy the ultimate girly night in. Get other half and my son out for the eve. Then invite my girls round, watch chick flicks, pamper each other and indulge in posh chocs. Cant remember the last time i did this, probably prior to kids.

  21. @LyJoTweets
    I’d love to win this a) because my other half is a proper chocolate lover and he’s just gone back to work after 5 weeks off sick so I think he deserves a treat, and more importably b) I am greedy! xx

  22. @DavuraLw Because I’m a chocoholic and fancy a bit of quality chocolate instead of nicking my kiddies super sweet Milkybars all the time πŸ™‚

  23. I’m Pregnant with twins and babies due on Christmas day! for the first time in 10 years my parents are flying from Sri Lanka to give me a hand with babies and spend Christmas with us. I would LOVE to treat them to this please. I have retweeted as @hackettlady Thank you so much for the chance

  24. Hi – why would I like to win a hamper of chocolate? Why wouldn’t I? I love chocolate (I know everyone does) and this selection from Serenata looks particularly fine. Sorry may not be a great reason but it’s the only one i’ve got. Hamper is a great gift alternative for folks with hayfever who can’t have fresh flowers in the house. @ions123

  25. dune_kite because when the days get colder, I like to curl up on the sofa, with a book and chocolates for company xx

  26. Entered using @demonarkia.
    I’d like to win this hamper to give to my mother as I haven’t appreciated her as much I should be recently and she has a very sweet tooth, so she would be thrilled with this.

  27. I would very much like to sample that fudge in the interests of science of course and my cat hasn’t experience fudge yet so she must have that experience too.

  28. I have a Special Someone who’s been going through Hell and when she gets out of Hospital this would help her Get Well !! with love from @louisegazeley !!

  29. @LisaBHouston Would love to win as I deserve a wee treat. As mum to 4 children im always the last one to be treated to anything lol

  30. I would love to win because I love chocolate! This would also be great to split between friends and families for any upcoming birthdays or occasions πŸ˜€ Always good to have some chocolate on hand for emergencies too πŸ˜€

  31. I’m a chocoholic and this is mouth watering it all looks so good would love to win so i could try all these special treats @Sweetnene28

  32. @mariacaria123 Chocolate makes me happy, But it also makes me fat! fat, happy, happy, fat – that is that πŸ™‚

  33. Following both and retweeted with pleasure, I am new to the UK so this would be a wonderful welcome to your new home country gift also my husbands and my anniversary is coming up πŸ˜€

  34. @TheBouncyFrog is my Twitter. I would love to win because mum and I are both massive chocholics and we like nothing more than sitting down together and watching quizzes with chocolate (brain food, don’t you know!) and this hamper would be perfect for those occasions!

  35. @ONeill001
    I want to win this hamper because it looks so yummy
    I really want this chocolate to be inside my tummy
    Chocolate peanut, fudge and chocolates galore
    Goodbye diet, you’re no fun I like chocolate more!

  36. @WSmith3012 A fantastic chocolate hamper to feed my chocolate cravings is always a good idea, thank you for the chance

  37. my twitter id is @pinkspyderuk

    And I would love to win this hamper as it’s my birthday next month (I’m a bonfire night baby:) ) and I am going away for a spa weekend and it would be amazing to take this with me for us to enjoy whilst lapping up the luxury πŸ˜€

  38. We love chocolate, but I would gift this to my Dad and Mum to show how much I love them and to say thank u for all they do for me and their grandkids. Thanks for the chance looks delicious. craftysarahp

  39. This is a fantastic prize – I would love to win it because I love, love, love chocolate! I have been on a diet and think I deserve a little treat 😊 @gysyqueen

  40. AdeleM06 is my twitter and id love to win simply because i love chocolate. It always cheers me up and after endless sleepless nights with a new baby nothing could be better than a hamper full of choc πŸ™‚

  41. @DonnaImwishing Our household we love sitting together on a Saturday evening, having a movie night with nibbles – these would go down a treat

  42. I would like to win the hamper because I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself. I had an accident in July and shattered my shoulder. I’m off work and have had to move home to my parents and am fairly miserable. Treats are a massive help and I’d share it with my mum who’s doing a wonderful job of looking after me and jeeing me up on bad days. @wallaseawelsh

  43. @nonameorlogo My boyfriend and I are huge chocolate lovers. Our 2nd anniversary is coming up next month and this would be such an amazing treat to celebrate it with πŸ™‚

  44. @miriamgbpereira – I would love to win this to give it as a present to my husband who is poorly at the moment…

  45. @lv2meetu I would love to win this so I can give it to my mum who suffer a couple of stokes some months back, but is doing really well in physiotherapy

  46. I would love to win the chocolate hamper as it would be perfect for mine and my boyfriends date night on a Friday! We’re both uni students so we don’t see a lot of each other during the week but it’d be so cool to snuggle up with this and movie on a friday night!

  47. @tancam1983 – my mum is 50 this month and i’d love to win this for her πŸ™‚ …hopefully she will then share!

  48. @kirstyward062 Because it looks like Heaven!! Plus its my Partners birthday Next week so its a good excuse to eat Chocolate without feeling Guilty!

  49. I would love to win this to share with my daughters, they deserve a treat for wirking hard at their new school


  50. @katiewh1607 I would say that I would be giving this as a gift but… I love chocolate too much! I had an exam last week and have another one next month so this would be a treat for me whilst I study!

  51. @LindseyClark20 Id love to win this Hamper as I adore all things chocolate! Also, Ive finallly got myself a permanent job after trying for ages, working temporary jobs as I was told “its easier to get a job with a job” and at times it was hard as I was worse off than I would have been with income support. So this would be nice treat to reward myself for persevering and toshare some with my new workmates who have been so welcoming!

  52. @jaykirsten19 I would love to win as it is my birthday on the 14th October and this hamper would be a lovely treat xx

  53. I would love to win this to give to my husband. As I am on a diet he has been without chocolate for ages and bless him, he deserves a treat. Me.. I will have to drool and sadly munch on a carrot.@julieledwards

  54. @psimbee1 – It’s my step mums birthday in 3 weeks time – she has been so good to me since my real mum died. This would be a lovely present for her πŸ™‚

  55. @vic0314 i would like to win so i can share it with my mum who is flighting over tonight to stay with me for afew weeks

  56. @secretfancies, I would love to win this hamper as it was my 50th birthday and silver wedding anniversary recently. We weren’t able to celebrate so this would be a lovely gift to share with all the family.

  57. @abby2cullen – Would like to win this I am a real choccy foodie lover and have never tried any chocolates from this range before.

  58. would love to win this for my wife who has been an angle looking after me this year really do not know what i would of done without her

  59. @Cloudyskies29 on twitter, I would love to win as it would make a lovely gift for my Dad who hasn’t been very well lately.

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