How to Make Your Home Presentable for Unexpected Guests

Let’s be honest. Our homes don’t always look presentable which can be very embarrassing when you get unexpected guests. A survey by reveals that 77% of Brits are ashamed of messy home when people come over unannounced. To make things worse, people who most often come to visit giving a short notice (or no notice at all) tend to be the “super clean” ones whose homes always look freshly cleaned and perfectly organised. But you don’t have to give them the satisfaction to catch you “off guard”.

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Here are the top 5 steps on how to make your home presentable for unexpected guests in less than an hour:

Clean the entryway. Put away the shoes and make sure there is some room on the coat stand for your guests’ coats. Sweep or vacuum the floor and clean the mirror. Your entryway is the first thing your guests will see and if you want to make a good first impression, it’s very important for it to look clean and tidy.

Clean the kitchen. Start with dirty dishes and things on the countertop. Hide everything away in the dishwasher or/and cabinets and deal with it later. Move on to sweeping or vacuuming the floor and take out the trash.

Clean the bathroom/toilet. There is a great chance that your guests will use your bathroom/toilet before leaving and for most people, there is nothing more repulsive than a dirty bathroom/toilet. Also, don’t forget to change the towels and make sure there is toilet paper.

Clean the living room. This is where most of the visit will take place, so it’s crucial for your living room to look neat and inviting. Hide away all the clutter and things that don’t belong there, dust the TV, arrange your sofa pillows and vacuum the carpet.

Close the rest. Don’t bother to clean the entire house if you know you will be receiving guests in an hour or less because there simply isn’t enough time. Focus on the rooms your guests will see and simply close the door of other rooms.

What if the Guests are Already at Your Door?

There isn’t much you can do if unexpected guests show up at your door without any beforehand notice, or is there? Actually, there is. Just say that you have somewhere to be and to come over some other time. They probably won’t buy it but they won’t have other option than to leave. And don’t worry, they won’t resent you; even more, the next time they won’t show up without calling first.


*Collaborative post.

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  1. I usually clean every Sunday and there are times I just don’t want to do it. The things you listed are the exact things I do. If the kitchen, guest baths, and living areas are clean, I can just shut the doors to my bedroom and office. Great minds!

  2. These are great tips for the mad dash before guests arrive. 👍🏼 In addition to the tips you shared I would also get rid of any eye-catching clutter in desk tops. Doing so will make space to receive your guests

  3. I believe the washroom is the most important room to keep clean. Guests may pop in for a few minutes to a few days, they will always need to use the washroom during their stay.

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