4 Tips to planning a casino vacation

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A high rolling casino vacation is one of life’s greatest pleasures. From the glamour and glitz to the thrill of gaming in a luxury casino, there’s a lot to look forward to. However, planning a casino gambling vacation can be very overwhelming. Most people are not willing to throw down thousands of bucks for such excursions. You have to come up with a budget, find a place to stay, make your travel arrangements and deal with many other nitty-gritty details.

The good news is, you can make the process much easier by implementing some tips which will be discussed below. You might also want to read a few online casino reviews at https://handpickedcasinos.com/ to get an in-depth review of some of the best casinos on the planet. That guide will help you pick a good one.

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Here are 4 tips for planning a casino vacation:


  • Plan your budget

This is regarded as the backbone of any successful gambling vacation. It is crucial that you know how much you are willing and can afford to spend on hotel, meals, airfare, and gambling. That way, you’ll eliminate most of the headaches. The secret is budgeting for the main aspects while you leave some money for the gambling itself. Avoid spending all your savings into the gambling exercise but also remember you need to have enough money to make your casino vacation.


  • Book your airfare, car, hotel, and attractions

The reason all these are in one bundle is to save you the hassle of using numerous websites to plan for your trip when you can only use one. Choose the city you wish to visit, the check-in and check-out dates for your hotel, the pick-up and drop off dates for the car, where you’ll pick it up and drop it off and of course, the things you wish to do during your vacay.


  • Decide where to gamble

Once you’ve decided on the major aspects of your vacation, it’s important that you decide the on the casinos you want to gamble at. Hand Picked Casinos provides some of the important aspects you should consider when choosing a good casino. They include safety and security that is licensed and regulated, available software and games, the payment options and finally, the functionality stressing on whether it’s a mobile-first casino. It would also be important to consider the atmosphere, house edge, and stakes.


  • Learn different service tips

It is expected that you’ll have to tip for most if not all of the services you are going to receive during a casino vacation. Most gamblers, however, don’t know how much to tip for every service. Here are a few guidelines, for casino dealer five dollars per hour, 20% of the total fare for drivers, one dollar per drink for the cocktail waitress and two dollars when dropping your car and the same when picking it up for the valet to mention a few. You can offer more or less based on the attitudes of different employees and the kind of resort you are at.

The bottom line of your casino vacation is to have fun, and this is far much easier after planning.


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