3 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors this Summer

*Collaborative post.

Summer is in full swing and I am loving the weather. Here in Cheshire, the weather is not too warm or wet, it is simply perfect and it gets really cool in the evenings. Thanks to the amazing summery weather, I am spending more time outdoors and I have spent more time in our garden this year than I have done in previous years. I hope the lovely summery weather stays on for many more weeks before the autumn strikes. If you are looking at ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer, you will find these 3 ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer post very useful.

Make the most of your garden space

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, making the most of the space is a great way to spend time in nature this season. We recently got some garden furniture and we are making the most of the shade and chairs. Having furniture in the garden encourages me to spend more time in outdoors. You don’t have to think about moving chairs or tables around once you have the garden furniture in place. This luxury rattan furniture by Bakari sofa living pictured below is a garden furniture set and it looks breathtaking. I love the stunning design a lot! I may just upgrade our garden furniture to this. What do you think of the set?

luxury rattan furniture image

Go for long walks

I get out and about in nature everyday. Nature is amazing to explore, I never get bored. I go for long walks everyday and I enjoy it. It keeps me balanced and energised. If you are looking at ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer, going for walks is a great way to soak in nature and stay fit at the same time. It is also another way to get the kids busy. The twins join me on long walks regularly and they enjoy it. They like to take their binoculars and look out for birds, bugs and the likes. It is amazing to look at the world through the eyes of a happy child. It makes me appreciate the world a lot more.

Join an outdoor sports team

We have an outdoor sports team in our town area and many people speak highly of the team and workouts. If you have one in your local area, you could explore it if you are into working out in nature. You could also work out in your garden or join an online yoga class from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

The list is endless when it comes to finding ways to spend time in nature. There are so many more things you could do outdoors, but these three here are my top 3 tips for enjoying the outdoors.

How do you spend time in nature? What do you like to do? Does your garden furniture encourage you to spend more time in your garden? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely day wherever you are. Stay safe.

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