The Best Occasions (And Worst) Occasions To Wear Lingerie

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Wearing lingerie can feel incredibly empowering and if you’ve been struggling with your self-esteem then we wholeheartedly recommend treating yourself to some. However, there is a right and a wrong time to don some sexy knickers, so read on if you’d like to find out more. Remember – primarily, wearing lingerie is all about you!

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The best occasions to wear lingerie

What are the best occasions to wear lingerie?

  • A first date: Whether you plan to have sex or not, wearing lingerie on a first date can make you feel powerful and sexy!


  • Your wedding: Your wedding lingerie will be the most important set that you will ever buy! Whether you make it up to the bedroom after a long day of drinking and celebrating or not, having some sexy knickers on underneath that beautiful dress of yours will make you feel like a million dollars. If you don’t feel like hitting the stores or don’t have time, remember you can check some amazing options online for bridal lingerie.


  • A job interview: It might sound a little strange, or even inappropriate, but wearing lingerie to an interview is a great way to give you a little confidence boost and walk into that office with some swag in your step. Remember, nobody but you will know, which makes it all the more exciting.


  • Your birthday: Because why not? Since your birthday is going to be all about you, put on your best and go about your day feeling like a goddess. Whether you have the day off, something planned, or you’re going to work, wear some lingerie and really make the day extra special.


  • A night in by yourself: You don’t need to wear lingerie for anyone but yourself. So, if you plan on having a little you time, why not don some of your finest lingerie and check yourself out in the mirror? When you feel sexy and powerful in lingerie, you can take it one step further and lay out some adult sex toys on the bed for a little self-indulgence.

The worst occasions to wear lingerie

What are some of the worst occasions to wear lingerie?

  • Because you feel you have to: If your partner insists on you wearing lingerie when you don’t feel up to it, don’t. The only occasion you should be wearing lingerie is when you are completely into it and feeling your best.


  • To the gym: While wearing lingerie can certainly make you feel sexy and powerful, you should never wear lingerie when you are working out. Wear something practical that you are comfortable in and don’t mind getting covered in sweat!


  • When lounging about at home: Yes, it’s good to get dressed up in your best knickers if you are planning a little alone time. However, if you won’t make it much further than the couch and fancy a binge day, then bin off the knickers and bra and stick to some baggy sweatpants instead. If you’re going to slob out, slob out in style!

Ultimately, wearing lingerie should always be on your terms. Never feel pressured to dress up for anyone other than yourself. Yes, it’s nice to treat your partner to some sexy lingerie, but the most important thing of all is that you feel confident when you do so. Of course, when you look so darn incredible, it’s hard not to feel confident!


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