How To Make Your Room Feel More Tropical

Do you dream of jetting off to somewhere tropical? The Bahamas would be a good idea or even The Maldives, but why fork out extra pennies when you can make your very own room a tropical paradise? Tropical decor is a trend that has grown in popularity in recent years and plays on brightly coloured accents, oversized foliage and animal prints for a refreshing tropical style.

So, how do you do it? Follow these top tips to bring all things tropical to you.

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Maximise natural light

One way you can easily enhance the natural light in your home is by adding more mirrors or shiny objects so light can project around the room. If you have a few pennies to spare, installing larger windows or doors is a great way to let in the sunshine. Why not try experimenting with paint too? Opt for neutral shades such as taupe, cotton white and beige as these natural colour palettes will act as a reflector to help bounce light around the room and make your space appear more open.

‌Accessorise with bamboo

‌Going green seems to be on everyone’s minds lately and it’s not hard to see why. Bamboo is the perfect way to add a natural, harmonic feel to your home whilst keeping close to mother nature. Bamboo blinds are unique and will change things up from your traditional window coverings – not only does the bamboo provide similar benefits as regular plastic or wooden blinds, but they also add natural textures to your home. You can also use bamboo as freestanding plants, invest in bamboo framed mirrors or even lampshades.

Decorate with seashells

You don’t need to live by a beach to be close to the waters – just add some seashells to your home! Seashells are a unique and cheap way to decorate your home whilst keeping close to nature. You can use shells as freestanding ornaments on fireplaces and coffee tables or place them in rustic clay bowls and clear jars for a minimal but classic look. Another way you can get creative with seashells is by simply decorating anything you like with shells – mirrors, photo frames, lanterns, candleholders and more!

Create an aquarium

Many people have aquariums in their homes of varying sizes. They can be housed anywhere in your home where light is prevalent such as a living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom. To create your very own aquarium, you’ll need a tank, a stand, an aquarium light, a filtration system, a thermometer, some substrate and a fishnet at the very least. Then, you’ll need to choose the fish, of course!

Why not go for some tropical fish, like a rainbow fish? Adding rainbow fishes to an aquarium will instantly dazzle the room with colour. The bright and vibrant colours of are a popular design choice and can be found in many graphics, patterns or even in game designs like the sisters of oz wowpot. You can also go with vibrant sand or gravel to enhance the colours even more.

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Add plants as décor

‌Plants are a great way to add some natural colour to your home. Whether you’re a full-time ‘plant mom’ or you’re slowly introducing yourself to all things green, plants will instantly make your home feel more tropical. You can start by having fun with vines – use these to decorate around mirrors, on top of fireplaces and even on shelves to create a free-falling look. Freestanding plants are still popular too! You can experiment with different sizes and strategically place them around your home wherever feels fit. Remember, you don’t have to experiment with real plants if you don’t want to. Faux plants are just as great.


Whether you’re redoing your room on a budget or have a bit of cash to spare, there are endless options that you can turn to make your room feel more tropical. From in-house aquariums to bamboo furnishings and vibrant plant additions, you’ll never be too far away from a tropical paradise with these top tips.



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