5 Ways to Monetise Your Blog

Looking for the best ways to monetise your blog? You’re in luck!

This article will highlight five ways to transform your blog into a revenue-generation machine. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for other ways to convert your site’s traffic to cash, there’s a growing number of ways to achieve this. So come along as we explore some of the options available to you. 

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  • Ads

When it comes to earning from your blog, advertising with an ad network like Google Adsense or Ezioc is a great way to profit. In fact, 75% of bloggers that have crossed the $2000 monthly income threshold use either Mediavine or Adthrive as their ad management company.  

However, since ads payments are based on PPC (pay-per-click), having a massive audience reach and a significant amount of daily traffic can rapidly increase your earning prospects. Alternatively, consider selling ad spaces on your blogs to businesses that offer products and services in your niche. 

  • Affiliate Marketing 

If you’re not selling a product or service, consider selling other people’s products with affiliate marketing. This involves finding ecommerce businesses with affiliate programs, signing up as an affiliate partner and linking relevant products on your site. For every purchase made using your affiliate link, you earn a commission.  

With affiliate programs, you would be helping your readers by recommending products they need while earning from them. 

  • Sell your Product or Services

While your blog should educate your readers, you shouldn’t stop at that as a business owner. Don’t hesitate to sparingly include details about your product and service or recommend them in your blog post. This would transform your blog into a lead-generation machine for your business. 

45% of bloggers earning $50000+ yearly sell their own products or services. Therefore, aside from getting your business in the mind of your target audience, converting your site traffic to paying customers would greatly benefit your business. 

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  • Sponsored Posts 

Another way to monetise your blog through brand advertisement is through writing sponsored posts. When you’ve been able to gather a broad audience and establish your blog as an authority in your chosen niche, it is normal to have brands reach out to you to write sponsored product reviews or roundups. Also, you can actively seek out partnership opportunities by emailing brands you want to work with.

  • Sell Digital Products

One reliable way to make passive income from your blog is by selling digital products. If you have a skill to teach or would like to help your audience build expertise, create an online course or an ebook they would be willing to pay for. The best part about this monetisation model is that it is long-term. 

Other digital products you can sell include, templates, WordPress themes and video tutorials, among others.

Parting Words

While there are overwhelming opportunities for generating income from your blog, you should remember that the money won’t start coming right; it takes time. But provided you can implement the right monitisation strategies for your blog and keep at it, you will definately see the results.


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  1. Monetizing your blog can be accomplished through various strategies:

    Advertising: Implement display ads like Google AdSense.
    Affiliate Marketing: Promote products and earn commissions on sales.
    Sponsored Content: Collaborate with brands for paid posts.
    Sell Products/Services: Offer your merchandise or consulting services.
    Subscription Models: Provide premium content to paying subscribers.

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