The teachings of Abraham Hicks

I read Esther and Jerry Hicks books speaking on behalf of Abraham Hicks years ago. Their words are always spot on and true. I forgot completely about them until quite recently. Someone mentioned Abraham Hicks on a Facebook group and it reminded me of their wise words. The name came to me again and I went off to YouTube to watch their clips for the first time. I was expecting to see a man but was blown away it was a woman – Esther Hicks, and seeing Abraham Hicks working through her brought back memories. If you are interested in finding out more about the teachings of Abraham Hicks, a quick YouTube search will take you to the right channel.

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What Abraham Hicks has reminded me

Watching Abraham Hicks has reminded me about many things. I can resonate with almost all the teachings. It is like I knew all about them before and just needed to be reminded. Here are some of my favourite life lessons from the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

You attract what you focus on

Abraham Hicks’ teachings is largely based on attracting what you focus on. If you don’t want something, don’t focus on it. It is that simple. Instead focus on what you do want. The Law of Attraction is true and we need to ensure our focus is placed on what we want to manifest, rather than on what we don’t want in our experiences.

Not everyone is going to understand your journey

Our spiritual journey is ours, not everyone is going to get it and that’s fine. We need to focus on our growth and be ok with others not being on the same page as us.


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Appreciate yourself

Many of us neglect ourselves. We focus on everyone else and put ourselves and wellbeing last every time. Abraham Hicks has reminded me to learn to appreciate myself a lot more and take myself off the last on the list every time.

Life is supposed to be fun

We tend to make life a lot harder than it is supposed to be. Life is meant to be fun and easy, but it becomes harder thanks to the decisions we make and how we go about living.

Find your joy within

Our joy should come from within and shouldn’t be dependant on how others behave or treat us. Once the joy is tapped in from within, you will never feel the need to depend on someone else to make you feel good.

These are just some of the life lessons from Abraham Hicks. There are tons of information and resources available on YouTube and in their books. So do have a look if you want to experience it all yourself. I find them so refreshing and true.

Thanks for reading.


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