Tops That Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

When it comes to clothing, many of us simply pick up items that catch our eye as and when we see them. We don’t put all too much thought into what we’ll pair the individual items with or how we’ll wear them. This all too often results in wonderful items going to waste, hanging in our wardrobes untouched. Ever wonder why so many of us seem to constantly shop but still have nothing to wear? This is the cause. We do in fact have things to wear but they just don’t gel well with the rest of our look and overall desired aesthetic.


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So, it’s time to start curating your wardrobe. This means having a clear out, selling, donating or recycling the items that we get minimal use from and stocking our wardrobe back up with carefully chosen garments that we’ll regularly wear. Let’s start this journey from the top by looking at, well… tops! Here are signature tops that every woman should have in her wardrobe.


Graphic Tees

Plain t-shirts are great, but graphic tees are where you can really make a statement with your outfit. Now, we’re not saying you need to sport t-shirts with cartoon characters or superhero logos on the front. What we are saying is that you can incorporate some cool Wrangler shirts, Levis tees, and social statement t-shirts into your wardrobe to take the emphasis off practical but dull, plain options. Keep an eye out for designs printed on ringer tees in particular. The contrasting colours on the ribbing around the neck and sleeves make for a desirable vintage look!


A Silk Blouse

Now, silk is expensive. This is why we say you only really need one. But with the larger price tag comes an assurance of quality. Not only does it look more expensive and haute couture than cotton or polyester… it feels it too! This staple can be incorporated into a variety of looks. If you have an important meeting coming up, it should be a go-to piece. However, it can also be paired with high-waisted jeans for a sleek, Parisian look, or tucked into a long pleat skirt for a stunning evening outfit.



Batwing tops see the fabric from the body of the design taper to the arms, so that if the individual wearing one were to stretch their arms out full length, they would appear to have a silhouette similar to that of a bat in flight. This style originates in the eighties but has proven popular over the years. It’s great for when you want more extended sleeve coverage, but a loose fit around the chest and armpits.


A Kaftan

While Kaftans traditionally reach the floor, many designers are shortening the length and transforming this loose-fitting piece into a top. They come in a wide range of colours, cuts, fabrics, and designs, but the most popular tend to be made from soft, light materials such as chiffon or silk and drape over the shoulders, coming about three-quarters of the way down your arms. They’re great for summer wear when other tops may cling or feel excessively heavy.


Hopefully, these popular styles will get you started on the right foot! Remember you can almost always try garments on before buying, so try them out and see what suits you best!


*Collaborative post.

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