Best Beauty Foods for Anti-Ageing

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Our skin is one of our most prized possessions. We have our skin every day, so taking care of it should be one of the most important things since we can’t just go and get new skin. I neglected my skin for years in my youth and I paid dearly for it. Now that I am older and wiser, I now know how important the skin is and why everyone should have a good skincare routine. Our diet and lifestyle affect the skin, which is why we have to really pay attention to what we eat and drink, and how we live day-to-day.

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Once you hit the thirties, your skin would likely change. You will usually have to change your skincare products and routine to nourish your new skin. This is where the anti-ageing products come in usually. However, you could include beauty foods to help you nourish your skin from the inside out. Here are some beauty foods for anti-ageing –

Soya-based foods

These help aid skin regeneration while slowing down the ageing process. Some of my favourite soya-based foods are soya milk and soya yoghurt.


Antioxidant rich foods are great for keeping the skin looking youthful and nourished. Some of them are sweet potatoes, mangoes, tomatoes and peppers.

Vitamin A-rich foods

Orange fruit and vegetables are amazing for the skin. They are great for helping clear out acne and other skin conditions.

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Drink water

This tip can’t be overemphasised. Drinking a couple of glasses of water would do wonders for your skin and health. If you are like me, you may struggle to drink the required amount of water daily, but it’s strongly advised that you do. Hydrating foods like cucumber, watermelon and celery are great for the skin as well.

Our skin is super important and caring for it every day should be non-negotiable. Many of us spend a small fortune on skincare products but fail to pay attention to our diet and lifestyle. If we eat right and live right, we may not need that many products to keep our skin glowing.

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