Fulwood London Fashion Label

There is a new cool fashion label around and it is called Fulwood London.



Fulwood London is all about street wear inspired by tattoo art, the people who wear them and the stories behind them.The pieces are beautifully designed with tattoo arts; there is a piece for every woman and man. The brain behind the fashion label is Sarah Burgan. A graduate from Ravensbourne University, Sarah has worked in various divisions of the industry throughout her career before finally deciding it was time to start-up on her own. Here is what she had to say about her new fashion label:

We believe tattoos are more than just great art, they tell us who a person is, where they have been and where they are going. People share their entire lives with us through the art on their skin, even if each tattoo doesn’t have a particular meaning there is a feeling or a moment behind it and we want to celebrate that through our clothing.There is so much incredible tattoo talent here in Britain and we love to support our artists any way we can. Each season we showcase a different artist through print design and our social media channels to promote their work. This season we are featuring the amazing work of Hannah Von Farren of Loaded Forty Four and Bravest Kid Tattoo in Manchester; Hannah has created a set of really bold prints that also have this really sweet, naïve feel to them that we love. It perfectly represents where we are as an emerging brand and stands out from the other tattoo prints out there.





The amazing collection currently comprises of T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Denim shirts; soon to be joined by new colour ways, checked shirts, and beanies for the winter. Here are some pieces from the collection:

Deer Print Denim Shirt £60




Fulwood London

Skull T-Shirt £30


Skull Tshirt

Grey Fox Sweatshirt £50

Grey Fox Shirt



I love them all but if I had to pick one, I will pick the denim shirt. It is so pretty. What do you think of these pieces?

See more of the collection at Fulwood London

Or through the brand’s social media channels: Twitter: @fulwoodlondon

Instagram: @fulwoodlondon

Facebook: facebook.com/fulwoodlondon

Happy shopping.


*This post is in collaboration with Fulwood London

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