Say It With Bright Pink Roses with Roses Only

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I got this lovely Roses Only Bright Pink Roses delivered the other day, and they now sit pretty in my living room. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may have spotted a short video of the beautiful bright pink roses in my stories. I love having fresh flowers in my living room, especially in the spring and summer months. Having flowers in my home feels like I am bringing in a bit of the outdoors inside, and that does wonders for my state of mind. Which is why I love having fresh flowers in my home every time.


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Roses Only

For those who have never heard of Roses Only, it is a luxury roses brand founded by James Stevens. The whole idea behind the brand was to be known as the Tiffany of flowers, so it was straight up luxurious brand from the very start.

I believe the brand is definitely the Tiffany of flowers because it is quite famous for the amazing quality of their roses. Roses Only’s roses are long-stemmed. The roses are grown 8,000 above sea level and handled carefully so each flower grows to its full potential. They can reach around 65cm – 70cm long, which is so impressive.


My Roses Only Experience

I was super excited when I received my roses. The packaging and presentation were everything. It was a joy to receive. I have never seen or received beautifully packaged flowers like these before. I adore the vivid bright pink colour and the fact that the roses are long-stemmed. This is my first time receiving bright pink roses, and I love them.

Looking at these roses definitely brightens my mood instantly. This comes as no surprise as the bright pink rose is symbolic of happiness, elegance and romance. Also, the recipient of pink roses is known to be kind, sweet, graceful, caring and gentle.


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If you are after beautifully long-stemmed roses like this, you need to check out Roses Only. There are many other colours available, like red, pastel pink, mixed, yellow, blue, and more. so there should be roses for everyone and every occasion. I got the 12 bright pink roses gift box and that currently retails for £69. At the moment, prices start from £35 for a single rose gift box and goes up to £189 for 36 roses gift box. You can order by 2pm for same day delivery in London, and for next day delivery outside London.

Roses Only is also available in the US, Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong.


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