The Moscow State Circus Birmingham

We had the opportunity to see The Moscow State Circus at Resorts World Arena, in Birmingham. They had the ‘Miracles’ show on and it was a spectacular performance. The kids loved it, they enjoyed watching the breathtaking performances, and we enjoyed watching them as well. It was a lovely circus show, with many captivating displays. There was no dull moment whatsoever. It was a 2 hour show filled with comedy, stunts, and various gymnastic and acrobatics displays.


The Moscow State Circus Birmingham

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We have always wanted to go to a circus show but we never got the chance to do that until The Moscow State Circus came to Birmingham. We were in the lovely city of Birmingham for New Year, and watching this show was on our to-do list. I am happy we got to see this circus. It was worth coming all the way from Cheshire for, and it has definitely raised the bar very high for circus shows going for.

The overall service was good. We got our tickets quickly and had some time to play around until the next show. The show was on time and all the performances were really good. It is hard for me to decide on which performance was my favourite, but one in particular stood out for us all. Our The Extreme ® stunt riding team  performed the Globe of Death, which was all about 3 men in bikes, riding really fast in circles in a globe. I did share a glimpse of the stunt on my Instastories on the day. It was an adrenalin pumping performance. I had my mouth open all through the stunt. I wonder how they do what they do.


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The kiddies really liked the Award-winning Clowns the Chervotkins Duo. They found them really funny. My son loved the duo so much. He laughed all through their performances.

The pictures don’t do it justice. I will be adding some of the videos I captured on the day on my YouTube channel in a bit, so keep your eyes on my channel. ‘MIRACLES’ was definitely the perfect production. We found it very entertaining and we cannot wait to watch another circus show now. This has left us hungry for more performances. It was a lovely way to start the year 2019.


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Have you attended any circus show lately?


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