First Date Preparation: 4 Tips to Make a Good Impression

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The first date. It’s a momentous occasion in many people’s lives because it can determine the relationship’s future. As such, preparation is essential to make sure you’re giving yourself and your potential partner the best chance possible for success! In this blog post, we’ll discuss four tips that will help prepare you for a successful first date.

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1) Be confident 

First impressions are everything, and your confidence will set the tone for how others perceive you. If you don’t believe in yourself or project a sense of self-worth onto other people, they won’t see any reason to either! So make sure that wherever your first date is headed (a nice restaurant where the food looks good), wherever it ends up (your place!), or whatever happens throughout the night (you both fall asleep before doing anything else) – always be confident so that you can make a great impression.

2) Make eye contact 

Eye contact is a powerful tool that tells other people whether you’re interested in what they have to say or not. It makes them feel important and increases their interest in the conversation, so be sure to give it freely when you first meet your date! You can also use eye contact as an indicator of how far you want things to go with someone; if you maintain good eye contact throughout the night but suddenly break away (and avoid looking back) once he/she starts making more physical advances, then the chances are good that s/he will get the message loud and clear.

3) Dress Appropriately  

A date is about impressing the other person, so it’s essential to dress your best. Research types of St Louis date ideas to get a sense of what you should wear. Your outfit should be comfortable enough for you to eat and move around in (if necessary), but also visually appealing to get them interested in getting closer with you! Try dressing up a few of your favourite parts of yourself without letting too much show – that way, they’ll want more when s/he gets an opportunity later on throughout the night. For example: wear some nice shoes, pants or blouse that accentuate your waistline/legs while still leaving something left to the imagination; wearing heels will make your legs look longer, which can attract someone who likes their women tall; if you’re not feeling particularly confident about showing off your arms in a short-sleeved top, wear some long jewellery or sunglasses to distract from them; if you don’t want people looking at your cleavage, wear a V-neck shirt or use a scarf to cover up. In short: dress to impress without revealing too much! 

4) Smile 

Smiling is an easy way to make other people feel comfortable around you – and if someone’s comfort level increases, then they’re more likely to listen/respond well when you talk to them! So be sure that your smile comes across as genuine (it should reflect what the person sees in front of him or her), so everyone feels relaxed enough for a good time. Just remember not to grin too much or too little because both can come off as creepy depending on how others perceive it. 

A date night out with someone new shouldn’t be spent worrying about whether s/he likes you back; instead, spend some quality time enjoying each other’s company while being open-minded towards anything else that might happen.


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