Beauty Muse – Malika Haqq

Malika Haqq

The stunning Malika Haqq is the Beauty Muse of the week. Herself and her twin (Khadijah) are two beautiful black women I admire. They always look good; their hair, outfit, and makeup is always on point. I will be featuring her twin sister at some point, but for now let’s drool over Malika.


She has a spotless skin, and a lovely smile. Her hair game is also something I admire a lot. She pretty much wears the same style every time but it is her signature look and she looks good rocking it. I saw an episode of the new reality series – ‘Dash Dolls’ (I think episode 2) on E, and Kim Kardashian was kind of dissing her, asking her who makes her hair and all that, and I was wondering what she was on about. Malika needs to pay her no mind, her hair and everything else about her is flawless.

Beauty Muse

Malika Haqq 1

Speaking of ‘Dash Dolls’, I find it so very boring. The nobodies store girls running around like headless chickens with their boyfriends don’t appeal to me. It feels like a chore watching it. I would rather watch a show centered around Malika and Khadijah, and see more of their lives, like Tia and Tamara’s show, than watch a bunch of young girls crashing their pink Bentley and running around the city, but that is a topic for another day.

Back to our Beauty Muse, what do you think of her? Drop me a comment, let’s talk.

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Giuliana Rancic – The Style Icon

My favourite E girl is our style icon for this week. Giuliana Rancic has her own clothing line, she dresses to impress every time, she goes for pieces that complement her and I love her style. She is always a step ahead when it comes to fashion and why won’t she be when she is one of the critics on Fashion Police. She is my favourite critic though, I value her fashion advice. I can’t stand Joan Rivers. I think she is a mean 80-year-old woman who needs to take several seats down. I understand she cracks jokes for a living but she takes it too far in my opinion.

So back to Giuliana, have a look at some of her pictures and be inspired. Feel free to drop a comment.


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