Celebrity Style: Rita Ora in Christian Dior



I love my Celebrity Style posts. They give me ideas on how to style various outfits, and they indulge my crazy fashion and beauty cravings, which is good. As a busy mum, I hardly have the time to watch adult fashion programes on TV with Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol on anytime the TV comes up. And at night, when I should be relaxing with some trashy TV, I am busy working, so I have to make do with fashion updates on Entertainment News and The Wendy Williams Show, my current favourite TV show. And I make sure every episode is recorded on the Sky Box. The ‘Hot Topics’ slot gives me life. I find The Wendy Williams Show very straight up, funny, engaging and different. So that keeps me busy.

Anyways back to the celebrity style post. Today, the beautiful Rita Ora is rocking a Christian Dior little black dress, a leather jacket, fishnet tights and combat boots.

Now I like this look a lot. I think Rita Ora is a very pretty woman, and her hair and makeup looks flawless here as always. The dress is pretty, a little black dress always wins in my book, and this is no different. It looks so stylish paired with the black leather jacket. The combat boots also look amazing paired with the dress. I love the overall edgy look. I can see myself rocking this outfit easily.

But I think the fishnet tights ruined the look. I don’t like it on her, and I think the outfit would have looked perfect without it. I would have given this out a 10/10 without the tights.

What do you think? Is it a Yay or a Nay? Sound off in the comments section below, lets talk.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day xo


Giuliana Rancic – The Style Icon

My favourite E girl is our style icon for this week. Giuliana Rancic has her own clothing line, she dresses to impress every time, she goes for pieces that complement her and I love her style. She is always a step ahead when it comes to fashion and why won’t she be when she is one of the critics on Fashion Police. She is my favourite critic though, I value her fashion advice. I can’t stand Joan Rivers. I think she is a mean 80-year-old woman who needs to take several seats down. I understand she cracks jokes for a living but she takes it too far in my opinion.

So back to Giuliana, have a look at some of her pictures and be inspired. Feel free to drop a comment.


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