3 Style Tips for the Fashionista

Fashion trends are always popping up. There is a never-ending trend of new styles to keep up with and fashionistas all over the world know all about the struggle. The struggle can be so real when you have a bank balance that doesn’t match up with your quest for new clothes and accessories. Keeping up with the different stylish trends is great but what is even better is sticking to your signature style in the midst of the noise.

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There are certain style rules every true fashionista should follow. You don’t want to get caught up in following every current fashion trend. It is okay to keep up with fashion so your wardrobe stays fresh and current, but you also want to make sure you stay true to your style at the same time. Here are 3 style tips for the fashionista to keep in mind:

Shop for clothes in the right size

This is a very important style tip. It is important you shop for pieces in the right size. The last thing a fashionista wants is to have a wardrobe filled up with pieces that don’t fit right. Baggy or overly tight pieces would mess up most looks, so ensure you shop for the right size in the right store. Sizes mean different things in different stores, so double-check you have the right sizes before you shop.

Go for styles that flatter your body shape

Not every style you like would suit you. Sometimes we may find certain styles really trendy but they may do nothing for our body type. It is important to always go for styles that flatter our body shape regardless of how stylish we may find them.

Never follow trends blindly

I mentioned this point earlier but it is such an important tip and I am going to mention it again. With fashion trends popping up every now and again, it is important to make sure we don’t follow trends blindly. Staying true to your signature look is more important than shopping for every new trend. A true fashionista would go for timeless pieces that would be in vogue for seasons.

So there you have them; my 3 style tips for the fashionista. What do you think of these fashion tips? Do you have a tried and tested style tip to share? Please sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.




Accessory Lover Gift Ideas for Christmas

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Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have and it is going really well. I am almost done, just need to get a few more gifts. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I like getting it done quick. The plan is to get all the gifts bought, wrapped and posted well before the big day. If you are still on the hunt for great gift ideas for Christmas, you may find this accessory lover gift ideas post for Christmas very useful.


Lamorna – Luxury Faux Fur Hood

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This Lamorna – Luxury faux fur hood by Hoodlum Clothing would make a great gift for an accessory lover this Christmas. For those who have never heard of Hoodlum Clothing, it is clothing brand that creates bespoke hoods – using iconic furs to give a more luxurious look to everyday fashion items (especially fabulous when worn with a tailored winter coat!)

This gorgeous faux fur hood is from the Winter Lux line. The line consists of 14 dazzling hoods (along with a range of matching mittens) and come in an array of fabrics, from Harris Tweed to Chunky Arran Knit and even Sumptuous Velvet.

Hoodlum Clothing have a fantastic sustainability story – the wool purchased for the Aran Knit styles put money directly back into breeding programmes for rare sheep, while the recycled jumper cable knit hood is the perfect up-cycled gift!

All the furs are highest quality faux, and are supplied by the company used for many designer and high street brands, to ensure a 100% sustainable and animal cruelty free garment.

Prices range from £80 – £180.




Critically Endangered Socks

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Socks always make great gifts, especially in this season. If you after quality socks, you should check out Critically Endangered Socks. The lovely pair above is The Amur Leopard, and it feels as great as it looks. It is limited edition with only 1,000 made. This pair is made from a soft and sustainable blend of cotton and bamboo. It is 40% Bamboo, 40% Cotton, 15% Polyester and 5% Spandex.

Each pair of The Amur Leopard socks comes with an endangered animal fact sheet in a bespoke recyclable box. There are other styles available so you can pick the style you prefer. Prices start from £12 a pair.



Cath Kidston Satchel Across Body Bag Wild Poppies in Red Oilcloth


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This stunning bag by Cath Kidston would make an excellent gift this Christmas. It is a great present for an accessory lover, busy mom or anyone who likes her bags not in her hands. The colourful design and practical style ticks all my bag boxes. I love it. You can grab it for £39.95.




Michael Kors Womens Blakely Baguette Brown (Truffle)


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If you are after a practical and gorgeous handbag to gift this Christmas, this stunning Michael Kors Womens Blakely Baguette Brown (Truffle) may be all you need. I love the colour and the simple bucket bag design. It would definitely be a nice addition to my handbag collection. I love it! It currently retails at £245.31.



What do you think of these Christmas gift ideas for the accessory lover?


Being Fashion Savvy for Dance Recitals

In order for a dance recital to come off perfectly, several ingredients need to be mixed just right. Those who will be performing need to have a desire and passion for learning. The instructor will need to have a love and patience for teaching, and the costumes of the performance need to be appropriate for the theme as well as fashion forward.




Here is all you need to know about being fashion savvy for dance recitals through the eyes of a dance instructor.

During my second year of college, I began teaching ballet lessons at a local dance studio. As long as I can remember, ballet and dance had been a part of my life. When it became clear that I needed to be doing something part time in order to make some money while in school, it seemed like the perfect fit.


My first group of students

The group of girls that were in my first class were second year students. They knew the basic fundamentals and a few different techniques, but I was excited at how much I was going to be able to teach them. Looking back, I can say that once I began instructing was when my passion for ballet began to fully develop.

The lead instructor and owner of the studio gave me full range over the class and our performance at the recital. I guess she wanted to see what I would be able to do. I was to pick the musical pieces for the performance, the style of dance we would perform, even the costumes the girls would be wearing was my choice, as long as they were within the budget.




Believe it or not, I must admit the freedom to choose the costumes was the most appealing yet the most terrifying of them all. I knew how important choosing the right outfit has become in the overall impact of any type of performance. I knew that the right fashion statement behind the performance would take the girls to a higher level.

I spent two weeks going over everything from dance pant styles that were available and researched the designs by Narcisco Rodriguez, Isabel Toledo and Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa who create costumes for specific ballets to get inspiration. I thought carefully about the colors of leotards, even accessories the girls could wear in their hair for the big performance.

Thousands of ideas came to mind, however, there was a budget I had to take into consideration as well. The help of a friend who works in a fabric store came in the perfect time. She helped me combine the traditional tutu with styles, materials and forms I envisioned.

I couldn’t believe how excited the girls were to learn the dance and wear my design. Some of them even begged me to keep the costumes.


The feeling of being appreciated

Once the recital was finished is when I started to breathe normally again. The girls were exceptional and the comments from parents and other fellow instructors were how big of an impact the costumes I had designed made on the overall impression of the dance. I even got advised to major in design which I’m seriously considering.


I am happy the designs turned out great. What are your thoughts on this post? Have you ever had a dance class?


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