How Many New Year’s Resolutions Have You Ticked Off 6 Months In?

When January 1st arrives, we all greet it with a sense of optimism and opportunity. It’s the perfect time to lay out plans for the coming year. And, to be honest with ourselves about what we need to change. It’s fair to say that everybody probably has New Year’s Resolutions, even if they don’t want to admit it. When the countdown to midnight is over, Auld Lang Syne has faded, and we’ve finished the last of the champers, we all begin to look forward to the coming year.

Well, now we’re 6 months in, how do you think you’ve done? This is the bit we all dread, right? Halfway through the year, and we have to look at what our goals for the year were, and how many of them we’ve actually accomplished. This post is going to delve a little further into what some of these goals might have been. And how you can go about bossing them in the second half of 2018!


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Get Your Life in Order

How many of us probably had this one at the top of our lists?! Stop settling for where you don’t want to be and what you don’t want to do. And start taking control of your life. Rather than waiting for things to happen to you, get out there and make them happen. You have a lot to consider when you want to get your life in order, and it isn’t too late to start. Yes, it’s a scary prospect, and that’s what has made it so easy to avoid until now. But it is time to get serious and start improving your life now.


Secure That Promotion

How did the promotion go? What, you didn’t even go for it?! Many of us have work aspirations, and we want to progress as far as we can in the business. It is important to be successful, make a living, and also enjoy what you do at the same time. Now, that is a lot of variables, but a promotion can go a long way toward helping with all those things. So, you need to go for the next one that comes up at work. Let your boss know you are interested in this, and show them you mean business from that point on.


Be More Fabulous

Let’s get one thing clear, there is always scope to be more fabulous. No matter how fabulous you are, you can always be better. Look after yourself more. And take pride in your appearance. Make sure you spruce up your wardrobe with great outfits and accessories. And always make sure you look a million bucks whenever you step outside. How much have you kept up with this since the turn of the year? Be honest with yourself, and then make a pact that you’re going to change this going forward.


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Stop Swearing

Nobody likes a potty mouth, but there is a time and a place for swearing. For instance, studies have suggested that it can create a healthy working environment. But, if you had this down as one of your New Year’s Resolutions, it’s probably a good bet you do it too much, and your friends and family likely think so as well! Swearing should not be part of your daily vocabulary so try to cut back on it as much as you can. You might like to consider a swear jar as inspiration to help you cut back on the cursing!


Quit Worrying

Worry is something that can consume your life, and that’s probably why you made a goal to try to stop fretting. Look, this is a tough one, no arguments there. It seems like there is always something to worry about, whether it is work, money, or family life. But the trick is to make sure worrying doesn’t get the best of you and start impacting your life in a negative way. You have to quit worrying as much as you can because this will help you to be a calmer and more relaxed person, and you will have a more enjoyable life as a result.


Be Healthier

Health and fitness is always a concern, and there is a good bet that this is something that was probably on most people’s lists of things to improve. If fitness and health were a school report, for many of us that report would read ‘Could do better.’ So, what can you do to be healthier? Well, you need to hit the gym for starters, that’s for sure. Smokers should think about checking out the Vapeshop. Research has shown that Vaping is regarded as being 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes. While junk food junkies need to hit the salad bar.

Basically, if you are looking to get healthier, there is obviously something you’re not doing right. You still have half the year left to rectify this and help yourself become happier and healthier.



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Stop Judging Yourself Against Celebs

We live in an age of reflected glory where the cult of celebrity is ever present, and this can make it hard for us. Many people subconsciously compare themselves with celebrities and get depressed because they aren’t having the success of the movie stars and musicians they look up to. Your resolution at the start of the year is still applicable now, and you need to stop comparing yourself against these seemingly perfect people – it’s just going to bring you down and make you miserable.


Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is something a lot of us struggle with, and we never quite seem to get that balance right. So many of us vow, at the dawn of a new year, that we are going to make more time for life and less time for work, but the reality is that it rarely happens that way. Well, there’s no time like the present to make changes and start looking to improve your work/life balance. There is a lot you can do to improve this part of your life, so make sure you aren’t living your whole life buried in work.


Start That Blog

Blogging seems to be all the rage at the moment, and it seems like every woman and her dog has their own blog these days. In early January, starting your own blog might have seemed like the most attainable goal in the world. In fact, you might even have started a blog, and perhaps even written a first post. Well, the problem with a blog is that it takes discipline, and you have to make sure you are regularly updating. Juggling work and blogging can be tough, and sometimes it seems like the last thing you want to do. Put aside two hours every week to work on your blog posts and start your blogging journey.


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Be a Kinder Person

Everyone would like to be a better person. And you may well have had a goal for the new year to become a kinder person. Of course, this can be difficult, especially with a lot of the people we have to interact with on a daily basis! But, you can be kinder by being calmer. By stopping and thinking before you react. And by doing something nice for someone each week without having to ask. Being a kinder person is tricky, but it’s also very rewarding. So you need to ensure that you are working towards trying to be a kinder and better individual.


Get Off Facebook

Facebook has been one of the great game-changers of the online world. It launched social media into the stratosphere and has allowed us all the time and access to all the people we could possibly want. But, Facebook can also be problematic. And most of us spend far too much time on it. If you made a pact to cut down on Facebook time, but you haven’t managed this yet, you need to get serious. Delete the Facebook app from your phone, so you’re not tempted by it. And give yourself a social media weekly limit.


Be Better With Money

Urgh! This is the big one for SO many people. And yet it’s the one we all seem to suck at. Money is more important than ever these days because it seems to be getting more difficult to make ends meet. There’s a good bet you’re probably spending more than you are saving. You need to cut back on this right now. Trying to save more is a good place to start. But you also have to think about investing for the future as well. Making the right financial decisions is so important, and it’s never too late to work on this.


As you can see, there are a lot of resolutions here, and you might even pick some of your own out. If we’re being honest, there are not many of us who stick with a New Year’s Resolution the whole year through. But we can certainly pick them up later in the year if we need to. These are some of the ideas of things you need to do to improve your life and work towards your goals this year.


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How Many New Year’s Resolutions Have You Ticked Off 6 Months In? Please share your experience in the comments section below. 


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