How to test your internet speed

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I have been working and studying from home for many years now and I won’t have been able to do that without reliable internet connection. I have been with my internet provider for a few years now and the reliable connection has made my jobs a lot easier. We all know how annoying it can be when your internet connection keeps dropping or when you need to upload a video on YouTube for example and the internet speed is not fast enough. It can take ages to upload a video on YouTube if you have a poor internet connection. Streaming movies can also be a pain with poor WiFi connection.

It took me awhile to know that I could actually test my network connection myself without having to speak with my provider. So I know many people are struggling with poor internet connection and have no idea how to test the internet speed. Testing your internet speed tells you if you are getting what you paying for in order. If you are, then it is all good, but if you are not, then you can complain to your provider so get a better deal or you could shop around and see what type of internet speed you could get for your budget. The last thing I want is paying for a service or being tied to a contract for a service I am not getting. If in doubt, it is best to Speedcheck!

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How to test your internet using SpeedCheck

To test your internet speed, all you have to do is go on Speedcheck! This page will allow you run a free test to see how fast your internet connection is. I tested my internet speed and was really happy with the results for the upload speed, download speed and latency. The results came through very quickly, it only took a couple of seconds, and it was easy for me to understand. I definitely recommend you use this internet speed check service to see how quick or not so quick your internet connection is. There is also a SpeedCheck app available on the Apple App Store, which is really handy to have installed on your iPhone.

If you don’t understand the results you get from the internet speed check, you can always look on Google or YouTube. There are lots of articles and videos to guide you.

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