My Laser Hair Removal Journey: The First Session

Laser Chic Manchester

So last week, I told you all about me starting my laser hair removal treatment, and I even had a little rant about me wanting my body hairs off and all. Well, here is an update, I had my first session at Laser Chic Clinic in Manchester and I am glad to say it well extremely well. I got in the clinic in time and was attended to immediately by the lovely Seti. Next, I got on the green chair, where all the magic happens, took off all the makeup on my chin with some wipes supplied by the clinic (makeup needs to be completely off the area to be treated in order to avoid burns), got the protective shades on and we got to work.

Laser Hair Removal Machine


The laser machine targets the hair follicles, so you feel a sting (it felt like a sting to me) when it comes in contact with hair, and you smell the hair burn as well, which confirms it, lol. When there is no longer hair in the area, you feel and smell nothing. The lovely laser hair removal machine is pictured above, science is amazing!


My Laser Hair Removal Journey


The entire session was super quick, it lasted for about 15 minutes, I was in and out in no time, which was great. Regarding the pain, I didn’t find the treatment painful at all. In fact, I found this session a lot easier than the patch test, and I guess it is because I knew what to expect, and I had no surprises. Also, the cool air was on the area, alongside the laser machine, so I didn’t feel the heat too much.

Most people would find this treatment bearable. A friend of mine is also having a laser hair treatment done in a different country, and it was a walk in the park for her too.

After the treatment, Janssen Cosmetics Sensitive Skin Complex was applied to the area as you can see above. This lotion prevents skin irritation, reduces redness, improves skin resilience, restores the skin natural protection and provides plenty of moisture. This was applied after the patch test as well, and is highly recommend by the lovely ladies at Laser Chic Clinic, so I bought one of it to take home. They go for £37 for a 30ml. I apply the lotion to my clean chin twice a day for the first few days after treatment, and as when required. To be honest, I haven’t had a real reason to apply since my treatment, but it is better to be safe.

Janssen Cosmetics

I have my next session booked in for sometime in December and I am so looking forward to it. I need to get them hairs all out, and I am hoping to be hair-free real soon. If you are around Manchester/Cheshire, You can book your free consultation at Laser Chic Clinic, not just because I am telling you to, but because they are one of the best in the area. I will be blogging about all my sessions, so look out for the next post.

So, what are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.


*I received the treatment in exchange for a review but all words are MINE.



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