Trends in Natural Beauty: Clean, Green, & Ingredient- Lean

From plant-based beauty products to sustainable packaging, there has been a growing demand for clean, green, and sustainable beauty products, especially among young consumers.

According to a recent survey, Gen Z beauty product users are more concerned about the impact the products they use have on their health and the environment. These young consumers are 1.3 times more likely to use environmentally friendly beauty products such as natural deodorants by AKT London.

This shift to natural beauty has seen brands in this market come up with ways of improving their products to match the demands of their young consumers.  

So, as a beauty product brand or a consumer, what are the latest trends to look out for when it comes to natural beauty? To keep you in the know, here’s a detailed look at what consumers are looking for in terms of natural beauty.

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Clean Beauty

Today’s consumers are concerned about the ingredients found in beauty products. This increased scrutiny has led to a rise in demand for clean beauty products.

Clean beauty refers to products that are made of non-toxic ingredients. The ingredients in these products should be natural, safe, and environmentally friendly. Examples of such ingredients include coconut oil, plant pigments, and jojoba oil.

Additionally, truly clean beauty products are free from potentially dangerous ingredients such as:

  •         Parabens
  •         Artificial colors
  •         Phthalates
  •         Sulfates
  •         Synthetic fragrances
  •         Formaldehyde
  •         Oxybenzone
  •         Talc
Sustainable Beauty and Packaging

Another big trend in the beauty industry is sustainability.

Consumers around the world are looking for ways to reduce waste due to the current climate crisis. This has led to increased popularity of beauty products that are innovative and environmentally friendly.

Some sustainable beauty trends to look out for include:

Sustainable packaging – Beauty product packaging has a great impact on the environment. More beauty product brands have embraced refillable packaging, allowing users to refill products at refill sites. Brands such as Versed have recycling programs that encourage consumers to recycle their empties. Other brands use biodegradable packaging materials such as paper, bamboo, and cardboard

Products that come in nontraditional forms -To minimize the use of plastic and promote zero waste, we see more beauty products that come in nontraditional forms. For instance, brands are creating shampoo bars and cleansers that dispense powder instead of liquid.

Zero waste – Zero waste seeks to eliminate waste from a product’s supply chain in order to reduce its environmental impact. The beauty industry has many zero-waste innovations, including upcycled cosmetic products that use leftover ingredients. Another example is dissolvable beauty which refers to products that are made up of ingredients or packaging that gradually dissolves or melts after use

Organic and natural ingredients – Natural and organic ingredients protect the environment, ocean, waterways, and food chain. Such products are also kind to your body. Most beauty brands that use natural ingredients in their beauty products also go further and ensure the ingredients they use are grown using sustainable methods and transported or produced using renewable energy

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Green Beauty

Green beauty involves the production of beauty products that are made without artificial ingredients. These products are made up of:

  •         Natural ingredients
  •         Vegan ingredients
  •         Healthy ingredients
  •         Certified organic ingredients

To be considered a green beauty, 70% of the product’s ingredients must be made of organic or natural materials. These products are also designed with zero-waste or recyclable packaging. 

Further, green beauty also favors the use of responsible suppliers and producers. Brands of green beauty products are also transparent about their ingredients and their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Blue Beauty

Blue beauty is a sustainable beauty trend that focuses on products that are good for the oceans. It involves limiting plastic waste and protecting oceans from chemicals found in beauty products.

Some of the best blue beauty practices include:

  •         The use of organic and wild-harvested ingredients
  •         They use of minimal, biodegradable, reusable or upcycle packaging
  •         They use zero plastic in the manufacture of beauty products
  •          Supply chain transparency

To sum it up, the skin is the biggest organ and consumers are taking a keen interest in how the beauty products they use on their skin affect their health and the environment. If you’re a beauty product brand, the above natural beauty trends can help inform your product line so that you can meet the demands of the modern consumer.


Beauty Muse: Yvonne Jegede

Hey, Beauties! The beauty muse of the month is the stunning and talented Yvonne Jegede. For those who do not know this lovely woman, she is a film producer, model, and television personality. I have been a fan of Yvonne Jegede for many years now. Her movies are fun to watch and I love scrolling through her Instagram feed whenever I am bored. Her pictures and videos are full of inspiration. Yvonne Jegede is a natural beauty. Her dark skin is flawless and her facial features are so pretty. She also has great self-confidence, which makes her even more attractive. This self-acclaimed chocolate Queen looks amazing with or without makeup. Her makeup is always well applied to showoff her beautiful features. I would love to be a fly on her wall to spy on her skincare and makeup products. Her skin always looks so shinning. It would be great to see what her daily skincare routine looks like for real.

Beauty Muse: Yvonne Jegede picture

Beauty Muse: Yvonne Jegede

I really like it when Jegede goes for the whole natural look with the natural hair and all. Her natural hair is so healthy and bouncy. She stands out from the rest and looks like a breath of fresh air when she steps out embracing her natural self. I find the whole weave thing so boring now, which is why I like to see more and more Nigerian celebrities embracing their natural features all the way. This beauty muse is the definition of natural beauty, and I love it. Her melanin popping skin is glowing in all areas.

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