Millie Mackintosh Covers Cosmopolitan UK February 2016

Cosmopolitan UK - February 2016

Now this is what I call an exciting cover girl. I will definitely be getting my hands on this Cosmopolitan issue. I am excited to see Millie Mackintosh on it, if you watch Made in Chelsea, then you will know who she is, as she was one of the original cast members, and if you don’t watch Made in Chelsea, why don’t you? Lol…Just kidding, I have stopped watching it myself, I got a little bored with their very posh lifestyle. I prefer TOWIE any day, the old TOWIE, that is, the last couple of TOWIE seasons have been painfully boring. The producers better do something about the cast and their boring story lines.

Anyways, back to Millie Mackintosh on the Cosmo cover, I like the fact that she looks very simple in a white shirt, I almost didn’t recognise her. You would think she would go all glamed up. Something different and unexpected is always good. I would love to read about her business and her marriage, a lot of drama went down on social media after her wedding, so reading the gist from the horse’s mouth should be interesting.

I am also loving the £1 price tag, very smart of Cosmo, as most people are broke. My bank balance is currently in a bad state BUT I should be able to find a pound coin somewhere right? Anything for Millie….


I will also love to own one of her designs, Millie is a fashion designer/author/health ambassador; I have been reading a lot about her new collection on Twitter, and I like all what I have been seeing  so far.

The office politics feature also looks like a great read. Cosmo delivers most of the time, and that is the reason why it is one of my favourite magazines. This cover is currently on sale. Will you be picking a copy? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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