Common Relationship Problems

Romance relationships are hard work and they are the closest form of relationships that we have. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is a lot of work sustaining a relationship. There are a lot of common problems that slowly start to eat relationships away. So it makes sense to be aware of them and to see the warning signs before they destroy your relationship. Every relationship is different but we usually face the same issues in our everyday lives. Which is why couples therapy could come in very handy for anyone dealing with relationship issues, as that may be the only way to save a relationship.


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Here are some common relationship problems you may have experienced –


Extended Families Interference

The influence of extended families can make or break any relationship, that is the reality. Family members have been breaking homes for decades now, and it is not going to end anytime soon. So it makes sense to be aware of this as soon as you go into a relationship. The best way to avoid family members causing problems in your relationship is to set up the boundaries from day 1. That way everyone knows what is accepted and what is not accepted. And everyone falls in line.

Couples should also ensure they do not let their family members get in their head on issues pertaining their spouses/partners. Some parts of their relationship should be kept private to them (except a form of abuse is going on ).


Financial Issues

They say money is the root of all evil. I disagree because I believe the love of money is the root of all evil. Money is good, but it is the way we go about getting it and how we handle it that matters. So it comes as no surprise to see that financial issues is the number 1 reason why many relationships fall apart.

Money problems can cause strains in even the best relationships, so this is something every couple should be aware of. The best way to deal with finances is by being open with one another. Having honest communications about income earned and how bills should be paid would help. There should be no secret debt or credit card. Everything financial should be known by both parties involved.



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Lack of Trust

When trust is broken, it is very difficult if not impossible to get it back 100%. So couples should ensure they do not lose the trust of their other half. Affairs and betrayals would lead to lack of trust, which usually means the relationship is over in the heart, even though it is not over in real life.

Trust is very important in every relationship, so we need to ensure we protect it in other for the relationship to thrive. There is no relationship without trust.


Lack of Communication

The should be open lines of communication in every relationship. A relationship is over once you stop communicating. It is pointless when you can’t have a conversation with your spouse/partner without it leading to an argument. Or when you both can’t communicate about anything at all. When you have nothing in common to talk about.

It is sad to see many couples who don’t communicate. Many have no clue what is really going on in the other person’s life. There is no relationship without communication.


These relationship problems can be solved when both parties involved are honest with each other and ready to put in the work to save what they have. Getting help form a professional couples therapist would help, so it is worth looking into that if you are dealing with relationship issues.


What would you class as your top 3 relationship problems many couples face?


*Collaborative post.

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